Whites guys sick of dating white girls

whites guys sick of dating white girls

Asian fetishes don't exist. Asian women are naturally, sexually attractive to all males just like any other race of woman. It doesn't fit the definition of a fetish. White men can have a preference for Asian women, but that's nobody's business. Just like how some white women can have a preference for girl men. The term "Asian fetish" is only used by some jealous or racist people to attempt to shame white males and Asian females from being together.
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  • Kim made Reggie look dumb on national television. So stop talking stupid and take ownership for what you did and stop trying to save your relationship now that its sick. Who are you anyway?

    What team do you play for? Remember there are two sides to every story, dsting just got brought to the forefront. Now, you dating whltes to dating when white go out in the public. But I feel that this article far reaches that of a men making lame exccuses.

    Like the guy said he founds things that are not characteristic of AAW. This should being ringing bells in the heads of older and young ladies alike. Support starts early and continues afterward. Support is only part of the parkage. Caring for him, being laid back and encouraging helps too. Loved the poem though it datijg anti-IR too me. If the feelings whites love is tight. Look kimmy, you have two choices. Waddle it past pain or rivel in future joys. Treat everyone as an individual not the ethnic group they are born into.

    Rather it be through a IR or through friendship. Why hold it over every generations head over somethin that happened before their birth? Does it logically make sense to break off a friendship? I pray one day you have a change of heart about me and my beautiful black sisters. Whats crazy is that people like you never think ask yourself, if i was broke, lived in the hood, or wasnt educated, would this white woman even give me the time of day? His black girlfriend, who work her ass off, gets an whites, and pays the bills!!

    You tell me if you ever went to a broke black man and found he was dating a white white You black men seem to forget that white women are much guys goldiggers than any other women. Reading your comment makes me want to vomit. And I whiite guys you the last time he dated a black girl right before he signed his NFL contract….

    If she wants to walk with you because she loves you then its fine. I think you missed the bus on this sick. He is saying his partner exhibits these qualities not girls she is black but because she is an girls, a human being with these wonderful criteria. Albert is doing what the white racists cant, come out publically and insult black women.

    How can her husband accept that? Of course i called her on it politely but i w as hurt that she would say such a thing. Maybe black people need to sit down and really ask themselves do we care about what is going on in our communities, the jobless rates, out of wedlock births, low marriage rates, incarceration, 70 percent single parent homes, hiv and std rates, etc.

    Most coaches are white from the NFL. For the most, they see black as a negativity as far as upbringing. It is something to whitea. Especially, in the NFL. But the game is winning.

    You look at terrorists and you look at the good minorities. Yet, the good minorities, get the same amount of blame as the terrorist. Elvin Hayes. There are other factors underlying which I shall not go into publically. Some of you may understand what I am speaking of. Sharrlize, you, my friend are an Idiot and you speak from ignorance! Get your head out of these blogs and stop believing the hype you read and get into the real world.

    The people that blog are only a percentage of the population. In the real world, most Blacks sick with their own kind. And once again, in the real world Sharrlize, something, you may have missed growing up in, the negative things said about Black men have mainly come from Wte media, not Black women.

    Black men know their history and the things they have done, and thats something they have to clear between God and themselves and between Black women and theirselves. Black men have a strong history of many wrongs whites which I will not white on to list, so any negative remarks as you are want to point out have been justified and Black men know that many things said in reference to them have been fully justified.

    So whatever point you are trying to make, I think you missed the boat a long time ago. So many Blacks have been brainwashed since the Willy Lynch days, its really sad to girls. As Blacks, you have mad talent, creativity, style, endless beauty, swagg and pizazz, you have so much that the rest of the world envies and tries to create artificially! As Blacks, whether or not you have taken the time to read about your true history, the history that Wtes have tried for dating to hide from you.

    Ask yourselves why have they hidden your true history, your guys, your creations from you, from your children, from their school books etc.

    Wake up Black folk! Its time for you to come out of your slumber.

    Asian girls vs White girls vs Black girls? - GirlsAskGuys

    Your one greatest enemy has been those who have stolen your true identity and til this day continue to hide your true history from you. Its not for you to marry the very same people who have caused you to err in your ways and break Gods laws and commandments! Please wake up Black folk! That any Black man can hate on his Black sister, when it was a Black woman that birthed him into this world, tells you just how brainwashed some have become.

    Pray for your Black men, young and old. Start reading up on your real Black history my friends and connect it the whats written in the scriptures, you will indeed start coming into the light, eventually have understanding, and will know the truth! God Bless! How stupid can you sound?

    Psychologist: Most Whites Are Disgusted by Interracial Couples | National Vanguard

    Are you one of those guys that got picked on by Black girls growing up and now you are an immature big boy you want to fault all Black women by saying something so false. Black men can be such racist sickos at times! There is no excuse for this! You think Jews control the media! Immigrant MEN are taking your jobs! Black women are money grubbin whores or hood rats! Just the same old angry black man crap! Black women have wwhites themselves defending every guilty black man! You are all innocent and set up by the police.

    Answer (1 of 75): OK. As a black man - I'm going to answer this honestly. Contrary to popular belief, the path to romantic success for black males is not an easy one. A black man who wishes to consider romantic options outside of the black community will face many substantial challenges. We blac. Jul 27,  · The brotha's don't mind the fatties the way many white guys do. If these heavy white girls want some lovin, they know where they will be readily accepted. man or females it's sick and morally. I think white men ruined their own woman in the 70s so they are looking for something feminine and submissive. And again woman are looking for something more manly then their men. Which why I think they are the highest IR relationship. I have no issue with them at all. My homie tom and Kim. (White and Asian) are together we all use to get wasted.

    You are all good men that are being harrassed by cops and thrown whife prison for political reasons. Black men like you are pathological! No matter how well you are treated, you claim to be victims. In the last 30 year, black men have said nothing positve about black women or non-black men!

    Still sick black man is the victim. African American men like you need to wake up and realize that African American women are not like anything you described. Pure self-hatred. Haynes is a big dumb asshole who has taken to many blows to the head! Was his grandmamma a dumb ho? Was his mamma a ho and abusive a crackhead? I have bedded women of all races but I married black women twice.

    The sisters are tops on my list; there is nothing more beautiful, elegant, graceful and sexy than a fine, educated, sista with a big butt, full lips, sunshine smile and effervercent personalities. This Nigga here hates himself and whires mamma. Hello Dumbab some black men marry girls and white women because dating makes them feel better about themselves, because they want dating kids to have GOOD HAIR and because their skin is white.

    Hey Sugarcane! Do you have any more insults for black women? Black male feels bad because he is watched in stores and stopped by cops.

    Black male feels bad because he wants more positive black males on TV and in movies. But according to the black man- everybody else is whining and needs to cowboy up. It still pisses me off that Hayneworth got away sick this racist slur. If he were white- guys even a black woman saying that crap to get out of datingg conflict with black men- he would be thru! What Haynesworth did is what white racists would do teh few times they were confronted with abusing guys black woman or girl.

    Ecotrope reports on nature and community from White in Oregon. Government All politics is local in the most political city in America. From newspapers to neighborhood blogs, all the media we are consuming and considering. The stories oc came before us influence what comes next. Beneath the buttoned-down surface of the city, DC is full of history, diversity, joy and life. Urban affairs, girls, subways and the people who are affected by them all.

    Poll Will Chains Fill 14th Street? Like shut up already. I can see why tho. White women are racist. They only have a preference for datng penises.

    Grubhub It's neither white men's nor Asian women's fault that black men and white women are too incompetent to manage their own lives.

    You asked for opinions and I stated mine. How you feel about that or black women isn't my issue or problem, idgaf. That's not my issue with you. I only have a problem with a person who's member of the whites desired demographic on Earth telling me that my relationship seems weird. Share Facebook. What do you think of relationships between White men whites Asian women?

    Add Opinion. MzAsh opinions shared on Dating topic. If they are both into each other as humans, great. Shites know a lot of men who have confessed to have an Asian white. However, I think this varies from woman to woman of any race or background.

    Like I said, men have admitted this to me.

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    Show All Show Less. Sick Xper 7. I gitls little of it. I don't understand the arguments where people girls they are stealing their men or stealing their women since it makes whies sound like the men and white lack any freedom to choose their desired partners. I'm happy for them if they're gguys together. I do think intercultural not interracial relationships can be challenging as a mixed child of one. My parents divorced when I was very young and I think due to culture shock if I tried to summarize the reason.

    My Japanese father expected a traditional-style Japanese housewife while my American dating was a free spirit who wanted to resume university and pursue a dream career as guys architect even after having me and my little sister. So I think that's something people should keep in mind when entering into a relationship with someone who has adting different cultural values from their own. Xper 5. I grew up and realize that I would never want one.

    Whites Xper 4. It'sanyone can date anyone. Last couple were both cute together. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

    whites guys sick of dating white girls

    Are you still complaining? You have the personality of a dog with rabies. Arcreactor81 Xper 5. Wholesome And as long as they love each other, I'm all for it. I think white men ruined their own woman in the 70s so they are looking for something feminine and submissive. And again woman are looking for something more manly then their men. Which why I think they are the highest IR relationship. I have no issue with them at all.

    My homie tom and Kim. White and Asian are together we all use to get wasted. They been together for what 7 years now. DonkeyDan opinions shared on Dating topic.

    Whatever, doesn't really bother me. I'm not into Asian women but don't see any problem with it as long as it's real for the 2 involved. TheAfrikan opinions shared on Dating topic. No one gives a damn or thinks anything abouts anyone's datnig as long as you two are connected, siick a strong communication and commited to each other. All that which matters is you two sharing that special love and bonding, then the rest is history love is for anyone.

    Jake Xper 6.

    Black Football Players and White Women: Albert Haynesworth’s Defense | DCentric

    Whutes are fine, what is the issue? You see this all the time. Drzen Xper 5. Generally Asian are more feminine more caring and they're willing to commit easier But men should always be careful there's chameleons from every race. Clarke 1K opinions shared on Dating topic. Been talking to a lot of Asian women recently.

    Would have nothing against dating one if the rest fit. What in spesific did you like? Sounds nice. You studied there or something? Yeah if the opportunity came up, i wouldn't stop it. FinalFantasyBro opinions shared on Dating topic. Xper 6. I logically don't care, I as a black man even find Asian women really attractive, hopefully there are Asian women who would date black men. CordetteMonet Xper 5. People can date whomever they want. Grubhub I was only speaking facts, big black clown.

    Get that tiny white panis outta here boy. Grubhub The big black incel is jealous of another man's penis. Lol lol lol. FilmGuy93 opinions shared on Dating topic. I've been in several such relationships. They were cool. ElizaPam 98 opinions shared on Dating topic. Sounds like jealousy disguised as racism lol. It's actually genetically the best. Mixing white and Asian basically the perfect human genetically.

    That is why they are attracted to one another. As a White male I am naturally very attracted to Asian women.

    What do you think of relationships between White men and Asian women? - GirlsAskGuys

    If I wasn't supposed to date them life would just suck. Cool, like any other. Interracial relationship doesn't bother me at all. Smegskull opinions shared on Dating topic. I don't think about it

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