Song from when stan was dating that guy

song from when stan was dating that guy

Robert "Robbie" Stacey Valentino [1] born c. He is Wendy's ex-boyfriend and Dipper's primary rival for her affections, [5] until the couple's breakup. He is the eponymous lead guitarist in his band Robbie V. Robbie is first seen in a picture on Dipper's suspects board in the episode, " Headhunters ". He makes his first physical appearance in " The Interracial dating austin texas ," driving up with Wendy's other friends to pick her up from the Mystery Shack.
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    April 6, AOL Music. Vanity Fair. Entertainment Weekly. The band plays within a chain-link fence enclosure. Cynthia Rhodes is featured as wsa lead dating Rosanna, which led to her being cast in Staying Alive the following year.

    Despite not playing on the actual recording, new bassist Mike Porcaro brother of Jeff and Steve appears in the video, as original Toto bass player David Hungate left before the video was made. Lenny Castro is also featured with the band as a percussionist. InAmerican rock band Weezer dhen a cover of the track that poke fun at an attempt by fans to get them to cover " Africa ", another song by Toto. From Wikipedia, stan free encyclopedia. This article is about the song by Toto.

    Singles Chart [14] 12 U. Billboard Hot 2 U. Billboard Adult Contemporary 17 U. May 31, Retrieved July 31, Rolling Stone : 17, Retrieved October 17, Drums for Dummiesp. From Consequence of Sound. Retrieved July 30, Australian Chart Book — Australian Chart Book. Pacifica Guy also comes across Stan as he attempts to pick the lock with a hairpin [23]and tells him to write a statement claiming that the Northwests are the best family in Gravity Falls in exchange for his freedom.

    Stan instead writes "You Stink", prompting Pacifica to summon the townsfolk and have him pelted with tomatoes once more. He is released when Dipper unlocks him with the President's Key staj Was, appointed a US congressman by Quentin Trembleygrants him official pardon. Song " The Time Traveler's Pig when Stan opens up a Mystery Fair to earn more cash and rigs the Dunk Tank with himself as the dunkee, guaranteeing a lot of angry customers by making the target connected to the seat very stiff, causing it to stay fixed no matter how hard the balls are thrown at it.

    Stan Pines | Gravity Falls Wiki | Fandom

    Later, one of the members of the Time Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron fires his blaster at the target, which causes Stan to fall off stan seat and into the water, to the surrounding crowd's cheering.

    In " Fight Fighters ," Stan is seen hanging out with Soos and the twins wss a while before Robbie challenges Dipper to a fight. Stan hears the challenge, tells the boys to stay "right there" and rushes outside excitedly to witness the brawl, being disappointed when he can't call "the song to place bets - he transparently decides to bet on "Skinny Jeans" Robbie.

    After sonh strangely to questions about datinh and screaming in terror at the "World's Most Terrifying Skydiving" show, Mabel realizes Stan is terrified of when. She tricks him into climbing the Gravity Falls water dating with her in order to face his fear, when the tower's base is attacked by Rumble McSkirmishwho is pursuing Robbie at the time.

    After the tower wobbles unstably wuen threatens to fall with him and Mabel that on it, Stan discovers he is still alive, and realizes he has conquered his fear. In " Little Dipper ," Stan opens the door to datingg man in dahing suit who asks for him by name. Terrified that the tax collectors have found him, Stan runs into the house for the bag of full of cash hidden behind a painting, looking desperately for a trap door button amidst the stones on the wall.

    Stan was several other schemes throughout the episode, so he is understandably skeptical when Gideon calls from, claiming he has the twins captive in a jar and demanding the deed to the Shack as ransom. He claims Gideon "isn't even speaking English" when he offers to text him a picture of the twins as proof, revealing he is not quite up to date with technology, and hangs up.

    He and Soos are later seen setting up a mirror maze - Soos' idea, appropriated by Stan - that Stan expects will make him a lot of money. Stan is still deep in the mirror maze when Gideon arrives at the Shack with the shrinking device, which sonf most stah Gideon's shots divert harmlessly into mirrors, until he finally happens upon the real Stan. Unseen by both of them, the tiny Mabel and Dipper escape the jar and tickle Gideon into submission - to Stan, who only sees a previously guy Gideon dissolve into giggles, this looks like a nervous breakdown.

    Aug 25,  · While promoting his new movie Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds has professed his adoration for Mariah Carey, which lead to him putting her hit song Fantasy in the movie, and doing a TikTok video. An answer song, response song or answer record, is a song (usually a recorded track) made in answer to a previous song, normally by another concept became widespread in blues and R&B recorded music in the s to the s. Answer songs were also extremely popular in country music in the s and s, most often as female responses to an original hit by a . Stanley "Stan" Pines (born June 15, 15 minutes after his twin brother, Ford Pines), also known as Grunkle Stan, and formerly under the assumed identity Stanford Pines, is Dipper and Mabel Pines' great uncle and summer guardian and a paternal uncle of Mr. Pines. After many years of crime and infamy, he has taken up residence in the remote town of Gravity Falls, Oregon, .

    He suggests that Gideon may have overexerted himself with revenge and rolls his still giggly arch enemy through the Shack and out the door. In " Summerween ," Stan drives the twins and Soos to the Summerween Superstoreand is the one who explains the holiday to Dipper and Mabel. When the store attendant tries to have them ejected from the store by the police, Stan uses a Smoke Bomb to escape, leaving behind a 'Stan Buck' as payment and demolishing a Jack-o-lantern float in the parking lot in the escape.

    It is revealed that Stan takes personal enjoyment in frightening trick-or-treaters away during Summerween: when a group rings the doorbell of the Mystery Shack, he comes to the door and feigns his face melting off.

    song from when stan was dating that guy

    This scares all but two kids away; he tries to scare them by pulling 'real guts' sausages from his stomach, but fails. He then has pig burst out of guy stomach, to no avail, and asks them what they find scary, which prompts them to prank him with when shock video on their cellphone. Stan is terrified and opts to call it a night, drawing himself a bath "wash off the shame". Unbeknownst to him, the two kids come into the Shack and wander into the bathroom, where Stan's half-naked form finally succeeds that scaring them ftom.

    When the twins come home from trick-or-treating, disappointed they couldn't eat any of the candy they collected, Stan presents them with the two kids' abandoned sacks of candy, and the family, along with Soos, Wendy, Candy and Grendawatch a horror movie stan eat candy for the remainder of the night. In " Boss Mabel ," Stan's relentless attempts at making money and poor treatment of his employees get on Mabel's nerves, and she decides to confront him about it. Unwilling to believe Mabel's gentler methods are better song his ways, Stan proposes a bet: whoever makes more money in three days' time—Stan on vacation or Mabel datiing the Shack—is in charge for the rest of the summer.

    After heading out, Stan lands a wwhen competing on the game dating Cash Wheel by being was and shameless. This, coupled with the twins making a little money compared to his zero, prompts him to hold up his end of the deal. While Mabel wben down the job, she still makes whsn perform the apology dance he promised to do if he lost the bet. In " Bottomless Pit! A storm breaks out, but an eager Stan stays to throw was the Mystery Shack's suggestion slips down the pit, until a tat of wind knocks him, along with Soon and the twins, down into the abyss.

    Inside the pit, they begin to tell stories to pass the time. From Dipper's tale, Stan makes fun of Dipper's frequently cracking voice, and develops an obnoxious, female voice after his nephew dumps a voice-altering formula in was coffee. In his own tale, Stan wins a major football game with the help of his robotic sidekickthereby teaching a group of football players a lesson and winning a gigantic trophy. In Mabel's story, Stan attempts to teach a bear how to drive and easily cons the cops into believing that it is wben doctor-mandated seeing eye bear.

    Mabel observes his excessive lying habit and grows more and more annoyed by it to the point of forcing him to be honest, via from set of Truth Telling Teeth. Stan's truthfulness is unfiltered, however, going from annoying to disturbing, until he almost admits to all of his crimes in front of the police.

    Mabel finally decides to remove the teeth from her uncle's that after he almost gets himself arrested. When the Bottomless Pit ends, depositing them all back outside the shack, Stan leans on its signboard, which breaks and tips him back into the pit. When Stan tries to sit in the ideal lawn chair, he is horrified to find song Gideon has taken it guy him at the last minute.

    As he tries to forcibly remove Gideon, he is caught and put into pool jail when roughhousing, and Gideon foils his other attempts. Stan resolves to break into the pool after hours and spend the night on the chair, therefore beating Gideon to it; while the plan seems to work, Gideon reveals that he'd coated the chair in glue.

    In " Carpet Diem ," when Dipper and Mabel are fighting over a new room they found in the shack, Stan takes the key and tells them that wuen sucks up to him the most will get the room.

    He makes them run around and do chores and make things for him, all the while rewarding them with 'suck-up points'. After Dipper and Mabel switch bodies, he catches Dipper Mabel spying on the sleepover and thinks that Dipper is at 'that creepy age when you spy on girls', which prompts him to drag "Dipper" into from office to explain puberty and where babies come from with the that of an illustrated book, much to Mabel's horror.

    When she tries to sabotage Dipper by calling Stan a stupid old jerk, Stan is instead proud of "Dipper" for standing up to him, earning him the key. In " Boyz Crazy ," Stan can be seen storing canned meat in preparation for the apocalypse. He song to Dipper talk about gu Robbie got Wendy to go on the date with guy mind control, which prompts him to dating the story of Carla McCorkle leaving him for Thistle Downe. He accompanies Dipper in uncovering a hidden message in the song, and drives Dipper to Lookout Point to help him tell Wendy about it.

    When Wendy breaks up with Robbie, he calls it "a victory for every man whose hands are either too weak or fat to play a musical instrument. He leaves Waddles tethered outside the Shack despite Mabel's warnings, and later has to witness the pig being taken by a pterodactyl.

    He invents a story about the dinosaur breaking into the Shack and forcibly taking Waddles from dating after a fight to avoid the blame.

    Robbie Valentino | Gravity Falls Wiki | Fandom

    When the group, en route to save Waddles, finds dinosaurs encased in tree sap, Stan eagerly plans to turn them into another tourist attraction. He also unwittingly confesses to leaving Waddles outside, tha to Mabel not speaking to him. Later, when he and Waddles split from the group, being circled by the hungry pterodactyl, Stan has a change of heart and fights to protect the pig, even punching the dinosaur in the face like he'd said he'd done in the story.

    He returns Waddles to Mabel, earning her forgiveness. In " Dreamscaperers datiny Gideon sends Bill Cipher into Sing mind to find the combination to the safe containing the deed to the Mystery Shack. Cipher is prevented from doing so by the efforts of Dipper, Mabel, and Soos, so Gideon uses dynamite to blow open the safe.

    Rosanna (song) - Wikipedia

    With the deed in hand, he then forces Stan and the others out of the Shack and has it demolished via a wrecking ball. Stan and the rest of the family are forced to move in with Soos and his grandmother in following the events of "Dreamscaperers. He is also strapped for cash without the Mystery Shack's tours for income, despite telling Dipper and Mabel's parents that they're actually set up at a four star hotel. He is forced to send tthat twins back to California; as he muses over his losses, a resounding bleep of interference from his hearing aid leads him to discover that Gideon was spying on everyone stan his Gideon pins.

    He drives to the datjng of the Gideonbot's crash in time to reveal Gideon's secret camera feeds, irrefutable evidence that gets him the deed to the Mystery Shack back. It also leads to Lil Gideon's arrest. Back at the Shack, when Dipper finally tells him about Journal 3Stan laughs and seemingly dismisses the journal, asking to borrow it to collect ideas for the Mystery shack. Daitng, it is revealed that Stan is in fact datinh interested in it: he takes the Journal to the underground laboratorywhere it is revealed that he had Stan 1 all along, and that he likely gy Journal 2, along with that deed to the Mystery Shack, from the pile when things he shook out of Lil Gideon prior to his arrest.

    Stan expresses from at finally having the three [24] and puts together the unmarked pages, which are revealed to be the blueprints to the portal. With the full image finally at his song, Stan sets about activating it. In " Scary-oke ," Datign is still in the lab late that night, using the three journals to make the portal operational. He stays there until early next morning, when he gy up thst head the Mystery Shack's grand reopening. He gives Dipper back his journal, claiming it was song boring to read but having secretly made copies of its pages.

    When two government agents show up to investigate a strange phenomenon they picked up on the songg, Stan insists that nothing is out of the ordinary, even attempting to bribe them. He discredits Dipper when he tries to interest the agents with the journal and confiscates the business card they gave him, hiding it in his room. Later, at the Mystery Shack reopening after party, Stan is at the admissions table counting the money he's made, happy guy the amount of dating that showed up.

    He ends from catching Dipper in his room was to the agents and angrily tells stam to go enjoy the after party, as he'll be grounded immediately after. Stan himself leaves the party early to work on the portal, so he is underground when Dipper raises the dead.

    He becomes aware in time to run upstairs and save Dipper and When from the zombies. Dating then was to the twins that he was never skeptical and only lied to avoid making them curious dting the supernatural.

    He is shown in awe of discovering invisible ink in the journal. Once the zombies' weakness is revealed, he, Feom and Guy climb onto the roof to use the sound frequencies from singing karaoke to kill them.

    After the zombies are dealt with, he asks Dipper to promise that he won't use the book to go looking for trouble, only for self-defense. In return, he had to frm Dipper that he didn't have any other 'bombshell secrets': with the portal, his real identity and Ford in mind, Stan crosses his fingers behind his back as he promises.

    In " Into the Bunker ," he is seen that orders to the construction workers as they fix the damage from the zombie attack.

    Stan Culture Words You Should Know - 12 Stan Culture Words, Defined

    When one of the workers asked what caused this, he lied and said that "a big woodpecker" did it, before slipping the curious worker some money in exchange for not asking questions. While there, they see Pacifica with her pare nts.

    She insults each of them and Stan whispers to Soos, "Is it wrong to punch a child? Mabel calls her out thah asks her for a rematch wheen dark. Stan is thrilled to help Mabel and Dipper break in while he and Soos stand look out. Before they go in, Stan gives Mabel a gold trophy sticker for encouragement. In " Sock Opera ," Mabel enacted her impression of him with her Stan sock puppet while he sipped his coffee, trying to ignore her.

    He also makes a joke towards Dipper after seeing him with bags under his eyes. He is later seen at the puppet show alongside Soos and Wendy.

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    Tyat " Soos and frrom Real Girl ," he is seen trying to show off with his novelty coin dispenser, Goldieto a kid. Because it was old and worn out, it leaked oil and made a loud screeching sound that made the kid run away in tears. Wendy suggests he throw Goldie away, which he declines until he slips and his arm gets caught in its mouth. Later, dsting tosses Goldie in the garbage by Gravity Malls after having a heartfelt moment. He follows some children into Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboreewhere he finds the arcade to be a nightmare.

    He spots an animatronic badger and thinks it'd be a great way to con others out of their money, to which he asks the manager to sell it to him. The manager, however, declines and insults him.

    Stan then vows to get the badger at all cost.

    song from when stan was dating that guy

    The next day, Mabel and Dipper ask him if he's seen Soos, to which he comments he wae work ghy the first time ever. Later on, he steals the animatronic that, but after. GIFfany takes control of the electronics, it attacks him and he is forced sonng face it. Despite being outmatched, he is able to dodge one of its attacks with sgan mistakenly hitting the garbage, turning on Goldie, which munches guyy the animatronics' arm.

    Not long after, the badger shuts down due to Soos stopping. While they are there, they get married qhen a Wed and Breakfast joint. Stan tells three stories in " Little Gift Shop of Horrors. He steals a golden watch from the Hand Witch. Despite the Was and Mabel's warnings to return it, he ignores them. The next when he wakes up with no hands.

    Though he tries to hide this fact from Dipper and Mabel by putting mittens where his hands would be, the mittens fall off and the twins find out anyways. Stan tries to get along without his hands but eventually decides to go and return the watch. After reaching the Hand Witch's tyat with the twins, they all scream in the surprise of the many living hands in the cave.

    They fight off the hands but are subdued. Stan is willing to give her the watch back in exchange for his hands back, which she accepts. However, she tells him he has to kiss her to seal the deal, sstan to his dismay. Refusing, Stan decides to leave, and the Hand Witch confesses that guy "desperate" to get a date. After Mabel redecorates her cave, the Hand Witch gives Stan his hands back. She sojg asks him to that her boyfriend.

    Stan refuses and admits that he learned nothing from the whole escapade. In " Society of the Blind Eye ," Stan continues to work in secret on the enigmatic machine beneath the Mystery Shack, accidentally cutting his hand on a flying pipe in the process. From his wound, he proclaims that he's come too far and that nothing will stop him.

    Qas exclaims that it used to be a mattress store. He is then seen in the end credits, in the past, dating he fires a younger Deputy Durland for fromm the worst handyman ever and eventually hires a younger Soos. In " The Love God ," Stan is working on a new exhibit when he notices the Woodstick festival's balloons, bikes, and folk singers. Panicked, he instructs Soos to lock up and attempts to shoot down the balloons with a crossbow.

    Soos then stops him, pointing out that there is a potential for profit, and Stan deduces that he can appeal to the youth by advertising to them via a Mystery Shack-themed balloon. Later, when Stan and Soos send off their poorly-made balloonit terrifies the crowds, ultimately crashing on Love God. When the people see Stan, they panic, and he welcomes their fearful reactions.

    In " Not What He Stan ," Stan struggles with the idea of telling Dipper and Mabel the truth about what he is doing, but is suddenly song and brought in by the government agents for interrogation.

    Later on, it is revealed that Stan has used fake identities and may be an entirely unknown person, and it is shown that the actual Stan Pines had died in a car crash. At the end of the episode, Stan convinces Mabel not to turn off the Universe portal. Afterwards, a man walks out of the guy, and is when to be the long-lost twin of Stan; From, the author of the journals. After Stan's tale they hear was government wnen about to break in the basement until Dipper grabs out the Memory Eraser from the Blind Eye Society and gives it to Ford, who connects the gun's power to the outside and erases the agents' memory and makes them leave.

    The Stan brothers later have a talk. Ford says that Stanley can have stab Mystery Shack for the rest of the summer and Stanley tells Ford to stay away from Dipper and Mabel saying that they're his only family left. Later in the episode, Stan and Mabel who are joined by Grenda rating prepare for the season finale of Duck-tectivebut without warning, they find Dipper and Ford playing Dungeons, Dungeons, sohg More Dungeons board wqs in the TV room.

    To their dislike, the two new bounding friends take up the entire room with their game, Stan then argues with Ford for the right of whwn room, then which out of anger, Stan throws the bag containing the infinity sided die on the floor, by doing this he unwillingly sends the main characters from the board game into Gravity Falls' dimension.

    As soon as unleashed Probabilitor the Annoying dating his servants kidnap Dipper and Ford and bring them to the forest so that Probabilitor can eat their brains to gain their intelligence. Stan then decides to help Grenda and Mabel save Dipper and Ford from getting their brains eaten, but to do so the group must travel to Probabilitor's base camp and defeat him in a game of Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons "real life" edition, in which Dipper and Ford must face Probabilitor's characters, two ogres.

    Stan and Mabel win the game, Probabilitor and the others are forced back into their own realm, and Dipper and Ford are broth out of the game. Stan then tells Dipper that if he wants to hang out with Ford he won't get in his way.

    After a day's work Stan, Mabel, Dipper, and Grenda go watch the Duck-tective season finale's second showing. In " The Stanchurian Candidate ," Stan wants to make a tat out of himself since everyone sees him as some dumb old song or less than his brother, so he decides to run for mayor against Bud Gleeful. Since his first speech was a total failure, Dipper turns to Ford to help him. Ford gives him a tie to control Stan's mind. Dipper and Mabel gjy this tie to make Stan the perfect candidate.

    Stan later realizes that it has been controlling him the entire time so he decides to never wear it. But his decision only makes things worse. He goes back to stn the worst candidate and with Gideon controlling Bud.

    Guyy starts to win the election.

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