Richard cooper on the dangers of dating single mothers

richard cooper on the dangers of dating single mothers

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  • My wife was a single mother. The issue is as a man you first need to observe the relationship that the son and mother have with the father of the child.

    The reason is there would always be a comparison and truth be told that father would win all the time.

    Richard Cooper on the DANGERS of Dating Single Mothers. Apr 02,  · As reported by The Sun the ‘Dangers of Dating Single Mothers’ has been viewed over , times. Richard Cooper on the Dangers of Dating Single Mothers Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Apr 12,  · A Seminar On The Dangers Of Dating Single Mothers. This morning, I watched a four minute video of Richard Cooper presenting on " the Dangers of Dating Single Mothers. " According to the site, Cooper presents to sold out audiences and many of the individuals who commented on the video perceive what he says as being very pechkus.coted Reading Time: 8 mins.

    Kendrick said:. As a Chicago Bears fan, tell me about it.

    The Founder said:. Bewildered Well-Known Member. Man look. Dude y'all seriously tripping.

    Richard Cooper on the DANGERS of Dating Single Mothers | HBCU Sports Forums

    So if a woman has a child she is all of a sudden trouble? So what does that make the dude that helped conceive the child? If you over 30 and you're on this you got issues.

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    I would like to think it is about how mature everyone adults are in each situation. From what I see, there are a lot of single moms that are good women and for what ever reason, the relationship with the child's father didn't work out. Boundaries will need to be set so that everyone is on the same page. Band Fan said:. You all know how country people are When she got pregnant he was saying it wasn't his and was a "community" baby.

    richard cooper on the dangers of dating single mothers

    We all know what that means. So basically he was calling my wife a whore. When my son was born the sperm donor publicly stated he didn't want him.

    MGTOW Singapore - Single mothers

    A DNA test was done and the sperm donor was the father. That set in to motion a negative relationship because he will lie at any moment to make himself look like the greatest father. Now that I have legally adopted my son and my name is on the birth certificate he tries to be fatherly. My son told him "Dude I don't like or respect you.

    So I did and it was not pleasant. He lives 30 minutes away and has never attended any of my son's games. I wasn't directing my comment towards your situation.

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    It's a shame that "grown" men act that way. I couldn't imagine treating a child like that. I salute you and other men like you that have stepped up and is that positive male figure in someone's life.

    Being a father himself, you would expect YouTuber Richard Cooper to show empathy and respect towards single mums. The YouTube talk opens with with a slide which depicts a woman holding a baby, with the following caption:.

    I offer you my ruined floppy pussy and mental issues! The talk then proceeded to outline nine reasons why a man should — in his opinion — avoid dating a single mother. When she goes, they go too.

    richard cooper on the dangers of dating single mothers

    A very lovely sounding man — who happens to be in a happy relationship with a single mother — also called Cooper out on his talk:. I fell in love with a single mum, stretch marks and all and I owe her my happiness.

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