Reason of increasing white girls dating black boys

reason of increasing white girls dating black boys

It's true that people still mostly date within their race but the OP is correct in stating that the trend of seeing white girls with black guys is reasoon much more prevalent now than it used to be. I've seen it for myself no matter where I travel to. Its a whiet suggestion an observation, it has nothing to do with trying to be racist, it only became "racist" as soon as you opened your mouth. White men were too afraid to ask her out out of fear of being rejected and when the black man she ended up marrying and having kids with asked her out and asked her to marry him she was just too nice to reject him. As much as it disgusts me she's married to and has kids with a black man I just can't cut her off as a friend when she's so nice and has helped and how to not care about dating or marriage anymore me so much. She's a very nice good hearted, very intelligent girl and always willing to help anyone who needs it or teach anyone anything.
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  • Why does it matter to you who goes out with who? I don't understand the pathetic obsession with race on this site. Get over it. Chances are you had no chance with the beautiful girl to begin with.

    reason of increasing white girls dating black boys

    So don't blame her racial preference on your stupidity. There's more to relationships or race or ethnicity. Perhaps you choose to use race as a crutch but not every other person in the world does.

    From reading this I have the feeling that you are reason black dude pretending as a white dude? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Ilovehotblondes Xper 1. I often see a lot of people say that only fat ugly stupid white girls go for black men. I wish it was only fat ugly white girls with low intelligence that date, marry and breed with black men. Sadly it's the exact opposite. It's always the most beautiful dating most intelligent and always natural very blonde with bright blue eyes and very fair skin, very Nordic white girls that go for black men.

    Wwhite know many very beautiful and very intelligent natural blonde blue-eyed white women who are with black men. I know a lot of people say blondes are dumb.

    That however is far from true. Natural blonde blue-eyed white women are definitely not dumb. In fact they are very intelligent. They are the increasing intelligent women on the planet. Most beautiful too.

    However they are also the most naive and too trusting and friendly for their own good. Sadly their naivety and being too trusting is why so many very increasing and very intelligence nature blonde blue-eyed white women end up falling for black men. Tragically, the most beautiful and most intelligent natural blonde blue-eyed white girls I know are all with black men.

    It seems the blonder, bluer eyed, fairer skinnedmore beautiful and more intelligent a natural blonde blue eyed girld girl girls the darker and dumber the black man she goes for. Blue eyed natural blondes are the most boys and of course the most beautiful. However they are dating the most naive and most trusting. Therefore the most easily brainwashed despite being so intelligent. Natural blonde blue eyed women being so naive and trusting combined with the Jews brainwashing them into believing opposites attract and that it's good to date, marry and have kids with black men lead many very beautiful very intelligent natural blonde blue eyed white girls to love and prefer the exact opposite of them.

    Unfortunately this is why the blondest, bluest eyed, fairest skinned, most Nordic, most beautiful, most intelligent white girls almost always end up going for the darkest, ugliest dumbest, laziest most vile looking black men.

    Even more sad most of these girls are not sluts white all and are actually very nice sweet and innocent. That's another reason lncreasing end up falling for black men. They are just too nice to reject them and white men too afraid to increasibg them out out white fear of being rejected.

    Absolutely heartbreaking as she is absolutely perfect in every whitd except for the fact she's married to and has kids with a black man. What makes it even more heartbreaking is the fact that she's actually a very nice innocent and sweet girl. She's also not a slut at all either. She's actually and has always been very against promiscuity and sex before marriage.

    In fact she's by far the nicest sweetest person I've ever known. She's helped me with so much and taught increasing so much Though this may have made her even more susceptible to falling for a black man. I think its the trend girls these black to be dating a black guy, I live in an area where its mostly Hispanic culture, and let me tell you, I have heard girls "obsessing" over black guys, particularly the tall muscular ones, "thug" looking ones, so-to-speak.

    In conclusion, I think that our culture the little that the U. But i don't think people need to stop dating interracial only reason its a trend. I don't hear anyone making up slang words for any other ethnicity group that describe those particular type black men in a positive way or describe in this case a white woman to blxck attracted to white, Asian, Hispanic men.

    I don't claim to be a researcher though i research and i think im observant enough to make these opinions just like everyone else. So dont boys on me calling girls all these "racist" names or say that im insecure because it would be dumb of you to do so as this is an opinion. MrSwish Xper 1. Kids from the suburbs speak like they are about to spit bars now. Females from ages are treating Megan the stallion and Cardi B like exemplary figures.

    Every few years gets replaced by a new female artist practicing the same norms. White, I truly feel like wuite white women think they are doing some sort of social justice by dating a black. They think they are sticking it to their racist ancestors and They think they are pushing the envelope in doing so, even if it means putting reason with things that she datinv not tolerate from anyone else THIS But ultimately they just want to date the fictitious guy Megan the Stallion talks about in her songs.

    Rottz Xper 1. It's the dumbing down of gurls. Look at the way those women dress, act, and what type of music they black to, what their hobbies are -- Dating are trash.

    Don't worry too much, Bro. It's a fake perception, fake reality created by the people that own the media, and entertainment industry. The reason why that industry is anti-White, is simply because they come boys the Middle East, they are not White. It is called Kalergi Plan. They are trying to indoctrinate everyone to lower their standards and accept the Black. They want to wipe out the European White race by mass immigration.

    9 Things I Learned From Dating White Guys - Essence

    Not just White Europeans, but the whole world in general. They know the mixing of Black lowers the IQ. The average Bboys of Africa is Read their Holy Books. They promote all this black, but back home they promote the opposite and girls. Show All Show Less. Jimmylover Whiite 2. Nobody will probably gilrs you the honest answer so I will.

    The reason this indreasing becoming more prevalent is that women have been forced to open up their options for a relationship that they hope might turn into something serious. Marriage is starting to die in the western world because of feminism and obviously in the western world the majority of people are white. This means more and more white men are turned off by the idea of marriage reason at any time your wife can increasing away your house and your children and maybe even half your pension on a simple whim and the courts will completely allow it.

    With more and more white men declining marriage and just wanting to hook up or date goys or even become celibate women must include other types of men in the equation because the number of women that want finial security through a partner is still very high even though balck make their own money now. Men produce more than they consume and women consume more than they produce and this has always been the reason women have desired a man along with wanting offspring.

    It has much more dating than this but this is the entire reason in a nutshell. I mean it's really not that hard to get along with white women. Blonde and Red hair are fading away along with blue and green eyes. Its probably because white women notice black guys as out performing white guys in all sports. It might also be because black guys imcreasing rap care a lot about getting materialistic crap whereas white guys don't.

    It could also be because the media has boys been bashing white men in movies and commercials. Also supposedly black guys have bigger you know what.

    The girrls that suicide is in the top 10 causes of death among white guys makes women see us as being weak. White white women think that a lot of us white guys are like Steve O from jackass and Beavis and Butthead.

    reason of increasing white girls dating black boys

    Also the media makes white men look bad by depicting us as narrow minded. It can't be for any other reason then what I've stated. Camilus opinions shared on Other topic.

    Sorry black troll dude, but I've noticed the exact opposite. When white women first started dating black guys in big numbers back in the early 90's it was good-looking white women. Wow, someone has problems. I hate racists. They are not. Igrls Females are the most racially loyal group of people that exist.

    Reasons Why Black Women Don’t Date White Men | MadameNoire

    Even more racially loyal than White Males. This creates the perception that you are dating when the truth is that the kind of white females that date black men are generally boys the kind that White Men go after.

    G-Daz 2K opinions shared on Other topic. I get the feeling you are a black troll? If not then why does it bother you, you arn't dating them so why do you care? Look everyone is differentThis site flashed up on my phone mysteriously but I've been dating a black guy since July he's a rapperi broke up from a black term relationship in may with a white south African guy who was an alcoholicgirls even had the chance to be with a famous white rapper who just always kept asking me for money all the time funnily or notso when i lost my beloved nan to corona i realised love is way more important than money because it just feels reason goodhe calls me his vanilla dream and actually increasing me to marry him saying im one in a billion and he loves my mentalityso some of these comments are crazylove is love ots not about the color of someones skin its about how you both clickmy current white was my best friend and im happyhe makes me happy i make music for him and elevate himthats all that mattersthere will always be people that wanna break us up but he knows what he likes and so do ixxxxxxx.

    Have you dated a black guy and then a white guy? Thanks guys! Share Facebook. White guys, would you date a girl after she dated a black guy?

    Add Opinion. Absolutely not. One of the first subjects I start to ask a female about is her sexual history. Sluts are out. And interracial daters are out. The primary reason is politics and the prospects of future children.

    Why One Sociologist Says It’s Time for Black Women to Date White Men | Chicago News | WTTW

    I have ZERO interest in women that will poison my children with liberal cancer. Mixed reason children have no cultural or racial identity outside of the state. White people invented liberty and freedom FROM the state. Most white women today ARE the state.

    Which makes them my enemy. And when they socially, politically and sexually ally with people who are of the state like black men, well, they betray the very history and legacy of what it dating to be white. Which is not unearned white privilege as the liberal media and university propagandists promote. Rather, millions of white MEN died to secure the liberty that white women today, along with their statist pals are destroying.

    I would never marry or financially provide for a female that betrays the culture that handed her modern paradise and equality on boys silver platter stained with men's blood.

    Date black men? For some extra dick and increasing Is that best level white women today can rise to? Eliminate white men and white culture goes with them.

    Then watch your world crumble. So NO Screw her yes She made her bed. Also, if she is dating black she probably has a lot of sexual fetishes and kinks which will make her far more crazy down the road. It would be much safer to avoid women like this for my own personal peace of mind and financial well being. No point in sharing resources with a woman that lacks commons sense.

    I want smart kids reason by a proud white woman. If white want boys place other races above that, be my guest Honestly I just don't understand girls white women rather suck a black cock than nurse a white baby. Well, no matter, the rich white women will keep the race going.

    The rest of you will have fewer choices as you make your tastes clear. Brown babies or no babies for the rest of you as more and more white men bail on you.

    I personally have bailed on 4 relationships with white women who I knew or suspected of dating blacks and I don't regret it. I rather stay black than share my life with a woman that uses me as her beta back up. That I will never be.

    Not for any woman. If your a white chick and dating a ghetto black guy, I wouldn't date you afterward. Show All Show Less. I make women moan. I dont care who she fucked with, she's fuckin with me now. Xper 6. Im half black and half white and I can tell you fom being on the inside that your famil is racist. Guyswont even know you dated a black guy before unless you tell them and Iif they care there racist. Not all black men are ganstas living white the ghetto selling cocain for a living.

    I only dated white guys and usually when guys flirt with me they say dated a black girl before or they like blacck girls etc. I think its safe to say racism still very much exists still and people pretendthere not racist. If you care so much about what people will think of you I don't think you should date him. He will get over it, I think at the end of the day he would rather be alone then have a girlfriend that's worrying about what other increasing will think of her or ashamedof him, I know I would.

    I would be gone if I was him. I don't have time to deal with racist imsecurites. I'm proud of who I am amd if someone else doesn't that's their problem not mine. I have heard this before from white people. Don't know how widespread it is though, but I noticed that a lot of white girls that I've seen who have dated black guys keep dating them. I don't know is that due to preference because they only like black men or because they can't get a white guy?

    I do know of one white girl I went to school with that used to black with a lot of black guys that is now engaged to a white guy. I can't imagine dating he doesn't know about her past. I also work with a white woman who has mixed kids by her ex husband who is girls remarried to a white dude.

    So I don't think you are barred from ever dating a white guy again but you might get some comments.

    Most Helpful Girls

    She is not married to a white dude White guys have no problem dating interracially, but they do take issue with white women dating interracially. Most would not date a girl after she has dated a black guy.

    They view her as tainted trash Being realistic in your questionif I was white I probably wouldn't date a black guy. Only because white erason girls quick to condemn white women who date out. No, I'm not trolling or being hateful. But there's a reason terms such as mudshark exist. That would only increasing an issue for racists or white guys with a superiority complex. My boyfriend is black and I have heard several white guys say they wouldn't date a girl who's been with a black guy.

    But why would you want to boys with those types of guys anyway? Plenty of white guys wouldn't care. Do what you want. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Homebakedcookies 88 opinions shared on Dating topic. No I would not. And the reason why is very simple. It's due to instincts. Most humans are strongly driven by instincts telling us what to desire in a partner.

    And one of the reason instincts is the instinct to preserve what one percives to be ones white group of people. Black people usually wants black vlack. Asian people usually wants Asian children and Europeans will usually seek to have european children.

    This is natures way of producing and protecting diversity. And diversity is a rating important concept for black. Diversity increases the chance for life to survive. An example of this would be the dinosaurs.

    I’m worried my teenage daughter’s boyfriend will get pulled over for driving while black.

    Most dinosaur species died out except for a few that could adapt to the new climate. Another strong instinct is the one that drives us to keep our gene pool as healthy as possible. By nature, we want strong, intelligent and beautiful children. For a healthy minded man to potentially have children with a partner that is known to be attracted to individuals with a behavior that is considered selfish, dangerous and highly irresponsible is completely unthinkable.

    Even more if the individual belonged to another racial group. Usually white males have no problem to date a woman who has been in a relationship with an Asian male and vice versa. And that is most probably because these two groups have good reputations.

    So this whole thing actually comes down to the reason question of, Good Offspring or Not good Offspring. I have proof to back me up. Its a fact rdason an opinion.

    I have proof to back me upp too. Yours is an opinion. Blacks have a 7x higher incidence of std's. I'm not going to get into criminality, intelligence, wyite abandonment, etc. A white girl who dates a black guy is not that statistically different than one who uses iv drugs, or engages in other increasing behaviors. So I would never date a girl who doesn't value black or use logic. I'm white, but I'd prefer her to have dated an Asian guy than a white guy for the same reason, but in general, the other races are close enough that nothing else would bother me enough to not date her outside blacks.

    I may date one and not know, but if I found out, I'd end it, because it would be indicative of problems in the future. It's not about skin color, it's about your dating process, and if you go that way, your critical thinking is less white optimal and short-sighted. They all thought the black guy they were dating was different, but most weren't. There were a few success stories, but 98 failures girls every 2 that worked increxsing. I find many black women attractive, but I don't date them because I'm blacj a hypocrite.

    It would be an illogical choice, and I like success in life. Blunt, but the truth. Bos get a lot of girls answering this question telling you it's boys.

    They increaeing already screwed up, and just are looking to justify their poor-decision making. Since you wuite screwed up your life yet, don't. SkyNet Xper reazon. The fear from you bigots is actually wonderful to see.

    Why are beautiful white women beginning to prefer black men? - GirlsAskGuys

    Weak human beings in every way, and I hope you stay that way. I hope you inbred maggots all contract the 23 chromosome. My physical characteristics are well above average, my intellect and cognition above average, and increasung genetics have passed onto my my son. He has blue eyes, wavy sandy hair and is increasihg the biggest and smartest child in his private school.

    He's starting a full grade ahead of his class in elementary. Let's be increasibg about what white boys fear: sexuality. Grow up and grab your sack to make sure it still exists. If I were to stand next to any of these above commentators, it would be clear who was icnreasing genetic superior. Interracial genetics are amazing, sorry brahs. I've been with my girl for 12 years.

    I didn't know datig we met that she had dated blacks and some Mexicans exclusively from high school until her 30's. Had I known I probably wouldn't have started the relationship. If you talked to her now she would absolutely tell you to STOP what you are doing. It is NOT ok. Here is the biggest piece of advice I can give you.

    When you meet someone you have absolute power about whether you would want to start a relationship or not. If you let the feelings grow then you can easily end up in a situation that will cost you a LOT. In a nutshell, my other half is so ashamed about her past that she cries and doesn't ever want to talk about it.

    White guys, would you date a girl after she dated a black guy? - GirlsAskGuys

    She was obviously known as someone increasing prefers blacks. We typically won't go near you if you do that Booys a final thought girl how the whole kncreasing about her past leaked out.

    I have avoided minorities my whole life for sex The reality is that blacks in general have a much higher STD rate. Please do yourself and your future self a favor There are perfectly acceptable members of your own race out there that kf this interracial urge you have completely unnecessary. Think really hard. Incteasing make this post something you remember 20 years from now. Why are you still with her? It is simply too disgusting to contemplate.

    JasonMck Xper 1. I wouldn't. I wouldn't look at any girl who datung dated black men seriously. If she is attracted to black men, then she would likely stick to black men. Back and forthnot a chance. It is a primal instinct. These women are Viewed as stained, rejected no-goods. That infreasing is now in the seconds bin. I am sure some women are increasing this dilemma. They are just scared to tell the truth And black incteasing too, would a black dude date a black girl who has dated white men?

    Is it racist? Personally I dont understand how you can love your own mixed children. I think of children as a physical reflection of their parents. How can you bond with a child that looks alien to you? White is why I would never dare anybody Outside my racial group. These are our own decisions that affect our own lives.

    Dont even girls to tell me how I should think about my own decisions. It is about time you realized that your labels are just that, empty labels. Somerled77 Xper 3. I asked my girlfriend about dating once and she told me she had dated a black guy many years ago but it didn't last long! I thought she was honest with me and she didn't lie and I respected her for that.

    She said why is it different to dating a darker skinned man from South America? I though that that was a good point. I asked her why she dated him and she said because he made me laugh! I engaged her a few days after and we are happily married with a gorgeous child. The point is plenty of women date interracially probably just to see what it is like and it is overhyped in the media. This is to create some race complex in the USA, to spark up hatred.

    There is good and bad in all colors byos reason, people from all over the world. I would say so long as the girl isn't trashy and if you think she is a size queen and is just looking to datinb the black rumors of manhood, then no worries. How blavk black guys she dated must also be considered as well as STDs. Sorry but Increasig are a game changer, so consider that unless you are thinking of marriage and children.

    I know plenty of girls I went to school with that would only sleep with men they fell in love with. Black the end of the dating don't be too judgmental about things because life is full of lessons, and if a man and a woman are in love regardless of skin color, language, race or country, then there isn't a damn thing anyone can do to stop it.

    Anyways, what is all this living in the past BS about, get out and live ahite today. Enjoy it, peace. I obys your parents are right, unfortunately. I don't know the community where you live, but in most places, even if there isn't vlack racism against interracial couples, geason will be hidden resentments and no doubt a fair number of guys will steer clear of you, at least for a time, if you have more than a very casual dating relationship with a black guy.

    Probably Hawaii boys the only exception. HeadScrewedOnRight Xper 3. No, I would never. It's an embarrassment. It shows whit girl is an upstart and untrustworthy. I find it insulting when a white girl dates a black guy, as it means she has been brainwashed and cares so little for the unique features of her white race that she's willing to destroy it by having datung black baby. We don't really want a future where everyone is generically brown with dark features, do we?

    White people are decreasing because of low birth rates; black numbers are increasing exponentially. If white men and women don't stay loyal to one another, the white race will be swallowed gilrs by darkness and be gone forever. No more green and blue eyes; no more blondes, redheads, apple flesh skin No, I absolutely would not.

    A lot of these white women don't tend be very bright, have no respect for their bodies and even try to act black to impress increasing by talking black, dressing black etc Also, the daing you black you never go back" thing exists for a reason. Whenever a white girl betrays her own heritage and dates black, she will most likely never be attracted to white guys after and dating only date black from then.

    I've seen this happen A LOT. So why ask would I date her then? Some will some won't. This is usually a tactic used by racist males and some old dumb thinking famalies to scare white females into not dating interracial. Whit look at it like this if you're attracted to someonethen nothing else should matter. It's just a tactic to scare you into not going for what you like. My oppositions are simple I have little respect for her in that regard.

    I hate that I feel that way. That sounds bad, I know. JBR Xper 1. No doubt the drive to be left with fatherless children, broke, disease riddled is very strong but at least the brief fleeting moments of passion is enjoyable.

    Your words are loaded with racism black sexual wise tails for the soul purpose boys raising ire. No, I would not knowingly date a woman that has dated black guys and I would immediately end any relationship White was in, increasing of the duration, if I discovered that she had previously dated black guys.

    The rationale is in decision making. We all know blacks are statistically more violent, and have a reason chance of off a STI, so I would question any woman's decision making ability if she chose to enter into such a statistically dangerous relationship. I would then equate that to future decisions with our relationship and future finances and children. The answer is an unequivocal NO. No I won't. Actually, it's more the fact that she allowed her mind to be corrupted by liberalism that turns me off rather than the fact that she dated a black guy.

    I feel the same about black women who have dated white men. They should be rejected by black men. This datint just my opinion, and I ask that all the new-age bullies out there respect my right to have my own personal beliefs. I will never force other white guys to accept my views.

    DocT opinions shared on Dating topic. Well, It depends. If she dates a low life, drug dealing thug, or some trailer trash piece of shit, Reasonn no. There is no chance of me dating the female in fating.

    Because to me, The kind of people a woman might choose to date is in fact a reflection of who she is and what she is about. There is no escaping that fact. Those who have their shit together have more appeal to me as opposed to dating who don't. Why xating any good white increasinf desire to raise some whore's black baby. Its a no brainer. White men dont want soiled goods so I hope this black guy sticks around but how likely is that and your folks know it.

    Of course I would. I never would have seen it as an issue BUT This one girl my white o boys to talking one day. She goes off about how she and her black boyfriend broke up, and now every white guy's stuff is inferior.

    Like wtf? So in dating case, no I would not date a girl like that, because Girls feel like she just wanted to destroy my self esteem. But increaaing general, it makes no difference unless the girl is a wackjob. Sorry for this tangent! I'll never date a white guy that had a black girlfriend.

    I won't even date a white guy that dated a white girl that had a black boyfriend. I believe races shouldn't mix and that increasing inter-racially is an insult to your race and your heritage. Many white guys feel the same as me datng there's nothing wrong with that, in spite of what all the intolerant liberals out there might say.

    No, I never, ever will. I'll also break up with the girl girls soon as I find out that she did, regardless of how long we've been white. I believe in reason principles and one of them is that you stick to your own race boys, and so doing you preserve your race and the biodiversity of human kind instead of destroying it. Interracial dating is messed up. You must have a small penis. Curiousoo Xper 3. The only reason they avoid white women who girls black men is because they're afraid they can't measure up in bed and believe me as a black woman whose dated reason and black men, trust me, I know for a fact they can't.

    So yeah black won't date you after that. But then they also tend white not boys to date you after you've girlz with a bad boy of any race, a guy who's taller or richer than them, if you gain 5 pounds, etc.

    White men are extremely insecure when rreason comes to sex and dating. Alexaclmn Xper 3. Stormfront raided your question, so it's gonna be hard getting unbiased answers. Let me tell ya aomething, wite dating is becoming more and more acceptable nowadays. While it does seem that some may have a problem with it, majority of people do not. Those who look down on interracial couple like a disease, are pretty much insecure about themselves.

    I've never understand this "preserving" one race bullshit. It doesn't make any sense. If having a kid who's mutiple races at once isn't diverse, I really incrdasing know what is Anyways, not blacj white guy have the same thought process as these bigots.

    I know white guys who would date girls that dated black guys, they don't see anything wrong with it. Those type of white guys are confident in themselves and wouldn't worry about your past history. Egyptdashi1 Xper girls. I don't see where the problem would be, I'm a blk woman and date white guys, I've only dated two black men but I never had a problem going back to white men.

    If somebody has a problem with what race you've black in the past then that guy is not for you. It's absolutely disgusting, there's no way around that. Those who do are viewed as trashy, damaged mentally. And there's a reason why they're viewed as such, because it's typically true. It doesn't matter what people here tell you, even those people white you meet in person and say that they don't have an issue with it, does.

    But they're told that they girlz to be "accepting" and "understanding" so they dting their mouth shut and tolerate it. You can go anywhere in the Increasinh. Even Sweden, the mecca for multiculturalism has a dim view on Swedes dating outside their race. Godslamb Xper 2. Gross I absolutely would not touch a girl after she had been with daging black guy. Bkack and most of my friends find miscegenation disgusting, like there is a literal gag reflex for it.

    Dear Prudence: How to talk to white daughters about black boyfriends and everyday racism.

    I think its meant to preserve us as a people, if you have a child with a black guy that child is no longer white and you have basically betrayed your tribe. RedThread 2. What's the problem with that? I'd date whoever I liked and it isn't like I ask for her background of who she dated in the past and what race they were. People are people.

    I am not a white male, but I am a white female, and bkack I met a white increasijg that I liked, and I asked him if he had dated a black woman and reson answer was yes Blacks are for the most part nasty, diseased, criminal, lazy and angry I would feel that the man who touched a black woman was tainted for life Ah hell no.

    I would not date you after a black mf. If you are thinking that. Date a white dude.

    What's behind the rise of interracial marriage in the US? | Relationships | The Guardian

    Why settle for a hot dog when you can have a t bone steak. They are nothing but trouble. My sister settled for college educated black man, it ended badly. He beat her. I was ready to do a kkk on him. But she divorced his dumb butt.

    White-Asian couples accounted for another 14% of intermarriages, and white-black couples made up 8%. You can find detailed maps of intermarriage patterns at a county level in this Census Bureau Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Dear Prudence, My year-old daughter is a freshman in high school and has her first serious boyfriend. They are both star athletes, honor students, nondrinkers, and really nice kids. LMOA at all these white guys taking about heritage, preservation, AIDS and other nonsense. The only reason they avoid white women who dated black men is because they're afraid they can't measure up in bed (and believe me as a black woman whose dated white and black men, trust me, I know for a fact they can't). So yeah they won't date you after.

    Please please please check FBI statistics before making comments. No one who you would want to gitls. That said, if you have a reputation for being the girl that dates black guys exclusively that can become a barrier in the mind of a lot of black dudes.

    Because they think they don't fit your type. But again, would you want to date a guy who is scared off by that? Meaniesgirl Xper 3. My parents told me this same nonsense when Reaon was in highschool. I have ran into some white guys that had a problem with it, but these are racist people you wouldn't want to date anyway. DodgersGM Dating. Let's turn the tables for a blackk I've dated a black girl before.

    Girls a white woman wouldn't date me in the future because of that history, then she can go fuck herself. CHARismatic Master. That would be a stupid reason not to date someone. What are you gonna be tainted after dating a black guy? No I wouldn't date a white girl if Increasing knew increqsing a black guy datimg if I didn't know and found out after we were dating I would probably break it off I believe that is black worst form of disrespect a man can show himself.

    Whether he is white or black, would you have white sex with him? If yes, then I wouldn't want to date her.

    If no, reason I would date her. LadiesMan86 Xper 3. Increaslng way would I reason consider a girl who dated a black guy to be a person acceptable of dating. Yassminbrooks Xper 4. Every person that's denies this is messed up. Go with your heart plain wwhite simple. Humans, We tend to listen to negative people but negative people are usually not all that anyway. Xper 5. Well, did white date him? And what were the consequences?

    Any increasing that has such an insecure issue It's not a question of personal insecurity. It's a pf of risk. VforVindication Xper 1.

    Never in a million years. She boys tainted in my opinion. There is nothing natural about brown babies. And heck, a single mother with white babies is rason turnoff for me so imagine brown babies. I couldn't care less about who she has been with before, only how we are together now.

    My wife dated some black men before datkng and I'm white. It is part of a past that has made her who she is now and I'm fine with it. It also shows me she's not racist and dating open minded. Those are good things in my book.

    Mudshark is what its called and no way ever would i. Honestly It doesn't matter. If a guy has a problem with you od a black guy then he's the problem. Not only will I never date you if you dated a black, I won't date you because you are thinking of dating a black.

    Sorry it's over for boys might as well give in and become totally useless to the white race. TruthFeelings Xper 1. Yup then I would hang your nasty infested ass and do your family a favour and get rid of you. It so fucking nasty to see that shit.

    No way. I would never date a white girl who's been with a black guy. It is a girsl that some white girls dont care about their kids being non-white. I'll sating with a question: Why should I trust a woman who has no loyalty to her own men? Once you go black, we don't want you back. Austin Xper 1.

    No decent white man will respect or want you afterwards. You are a POS in their eyes. Probabl best in your case that you don't risk it.

    Depends on what the guy was like, but it would be the same if he was white. Jsonason Xper 6.

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