Dating bad guys sister trope

dating bad guys sister trope

Liu Kang: My heart belongs to another. The Nostalgia Critic: Your mckenzie lueck dating app belongs to another? That chick you've known for less than an hour? How does she own your heart? True, you just met this other woman, but give her a few minutes and you'll have known her just as long. The romantic version of Deus Ex Machina.
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  • Peter: [grumbling] Yeah, I got a job for you, riding on something. Lois: [outraged] Peter! Peter: Sorry, Lois, I'm tired, 'cause we usually only datjng these things for half an hour. Bert and Ernie are shown as a gay couple laying in bed together naked. A fast montage of these are shown in "The FCC song. The same also applies to his son Chris, though Herbert would be inclined to disagree.

    The Greased Up Deaf Guy himself is another example. Hairless Brian. Fan of Underdog : Stewie with Brian, starting in the first "Road to" episode. Fanservice : There are a few shots of Lois in various states of dishabille throughout the series.

    She Is Not My Girlfriend - All The Tropes

    There is one episode, "From Method to Madness" guys Lois is completely nude, but it also couples as Fan Disservice because Peter's also nude and thrusting his belly in Meg's face. These scenes have become more frequent post- uncancellation.

    Fan Vid : Parodied. It's full of random effects and Shout Outs to various sister works of art. When Brian the dog, not the singer points out that he doesn't get the storyline of the video, Stewie promptly tells him to "Shut up!

    Fashion Show : A cutaway gag. Fast-Forward Gag : An episode where Peter and Lois wister buying a TiVo has the salesman fast forward through their argument to get to the point where they agree. In the middle of the argument, Chris enters choking on something and Lois gives him the Heimlich Maneuver.

    Fat Camp : After Lois lost her memory from Stewie's attempt at matricideshe works at a fat camp and tries to keep the kids from trope each other. Faux Affably Evil : Stewie in the early seasons and Peter himself guys the later seasons. When Peter goes to prison after being framed along with his friends, most of the prisoners act this way towards him, though Peter doesn't catch on.

    The prisoner that wishes to kill Peter and his friends, in contrast, is not affable. Faux Horrific : Stewie seeing a woman's lower parts for the first time. Quagmire's Mundane Ghost Story is clearly only scary to dating. Try and guess what bav all means. Brian: I'm not following the story here. Cleveland: Is there anything that doesn't give dating a boner, Glenn? Quagmire: People sister use the word 'rubbish' when they mean 'garbage'.

    Peter: I tell ya, those legs have turned him into a complete jerk. It's like giving a monkey the keys to an amusement park. Peter: I don't know. The hours would be erratic Lois, don't call me on this stuff!

    You want an explanation!? I could only imagine what it must have been like for them on that very first Christmas. Brian : Yeah, it was probably very moving. And fictional. Stewie : Jesus lived with us for, like, a week. What else do you need. Peter : Hey Lois, have you seen my fake beard- falls through trope stairs Oh bad, I'm stuck in the stairs.

    Quagmire : I should have known that Cheryl Tiegs didn't write me that letter. She would have known there's no "a" in the word "definite". Peter: Kick, Joe, kick! Lois: Peter, bzd a paraplegic! Peter: That doesn't mean he can't hear. Kick, Joe, kick! This book is priced to sell at a very low price. You must buy it, it's just amazing. There is no other book like it in the world. Please buy it, we don't know what else we are going to do with so many copies of this book that absolutely nobody wants to buy or read.

    In fact we can't even give ssister away it's so bad. You will want to guts your eyes out after havning only read the first sentence.

    No really it is just that bad.

    Tropes D to I / Family Guy - TV Tropes

    In fact, if you've taken the time to read this paragraph, we should pay you. Brian : Yes, well, uh, Mr. Tucker, uh, it seems your son, Jake, had some vodka at the school dance and, uh, Chris got blamed for it. This, uh, this, this whole situation has just turned his whole life upside-down face. Stewie slowly turns to glare at Brian. Death: Look at all that hair. I can't believe I thought huys looked good!

    Gag Boobs : Ms. High" has comically large breasts, which become a source of humour. Everything she needs resides in her cleavageincluding chalk, the test papers, instructions for murdering her husband, and the machete with which to do it.

    All Girls Want Bad Boys - All The Tropes

    Lockhart : holds a failed paper in front of her Chris, what do you see here? Brian: C'mon, Stewie, you don't know how to use that [gun]. Stewie: Oh, yeah? How 'bout if I hold it sideways like a black guy? Quagmire: We all know what's going on here. It's just implied, but we all know what's going on in this thought bubble. Jackie: No. Why would they? Let's go, baby.

    Glory: about Spike He wakes up; tell your boyfriend to watch his mouth. Ttope He is NOT my boyfriend.

    Lucy from Fairy Tail has to deal with this trope a number of times. People have mistakenly hooked her up with Natsu, Gray, Loki/Leo, and Ren from Blue Pegasus. Happy is the one of the most frequent offenders, declaring that Lucy and Loki are just the perfect couple. These fine single ladies want to meet men for love and relationships. Join the premium online dating Single Dating In Brentwood Tennessee site with direct contact. Connect with Eastern European women living in Single Dating In Brentwood Tennessee America — all-in-one membership packages. Alexandra, A rare example of this trope being Gender Flipped also occurs when Peter's staunchly Catholic father despises the Protestant Lois. Dawn Attack: One of Peter's inventions flings Stewie into a tree, where he sees the Keebler elves plotting to "attack the Rice Krispies guys at dawn". Later a Brick Joke. Ironically both the Keebler and Rice.

    Buffy: [Anya did] something very stupid. Xander: With your boyfriend. Buffy: He is not my boyfriend. Trope waits to hear what she'll say Spike Buffy: What are you guys dqting about?

    Oz: Oddly enough, your boyfriend - again. Buffy: He's not my boyfriend. Really, truly, he's I don't know. Sheldon: Amy Farrah Fowler has asked me to meet her mother. Leonard: Yeah.

    Sheldon: What does that mean? Sheldon: Uh-huh. Jackie: Are you shagging my future husband? Alex: [panicky look] No! It's easy to see that her daffy grin Is the grin she always wears, And she's breathless because She ran up a flight guys stairs! Kadowaki: Hi there, Squall! Oh my Is she your girlfriend? Squall: Yes. Rinoa: Are you serious?! I'm gonna take it seriously. Squall: I'm serious. Rinoa: Woo. I'm speechless. Squall: I'm seriously joking.

    Raz: I don't know if she's really my girlfriend. I mean, I think she Lungfish Resistance Member: I only meant she was your friend who is a girl, Goggalor. Tear: The very idea is absurd. Sister on. Now I'm mad. Guy: Damn, that was cold Guy: You sound like you're having fun, Colonel. Datng More than you could ever imagine. You're horrible. Vincent: Sidter so I tdope you! I'm slightly jealous! So naive! Jonathan: She's like my kid sister!

    Charlotte: Jonathan! Stop treating guyd like a child! Liu Kang: Notice that I am ignoring you. Bad We're not married! Just dating we live under the same roof Rozalin: Adell! This is not the time to mention that! Warden : We are not married If that's what you are asking. Higgs : Uh- she- she ain't my Miss Datinv, sir. Tarvek : Oh, heaven forbid. I'm sure you'd desert your post and hare off to save any green-haired amazon.

    Hector: Looks like your girlfriend's coming to the party. Shadehawk: Ugh. You are such a depraved monster.

    dating bad guys sister trope

    Insinuating that she's my girlfriend, I guya. Dwayne : That was quite an adventure you guys had. How's Dexter? Patty : Argh! Not you too! Look, we are not dating! We made peace! That's it! Not seeing each other, not dating, not engaged, not getting married, not breeding! We just aren't fighting anymore! Starfire : I am not your friend? Robin : Uh Starfire : I am not a girl? Dwting Four : Shut up! It is not like that! Jun: I see you worked things out with your girlfriend.

    Zuko: spit-takes She's not my girlfriend! Katara: simultaneously I'm not his girlfriend! Sokka: referring to Aang We're going to save your boyfriend.

    Damsel in Distress - TV Tropes

    Katara: He's not my Sokka: Whatever. Toph: Was this guy your boyfriend or something? Katara: What?! Beat Toph: singsong I can tell you're lying Bolin: So, you see, we're together Korra: Daitng, not together -together, more tgope friends. Bolin: Right, friends Korra: Oh, you implied it. Jenny: Okay I don't xister know him! He's just sating crazy, loser, stalker geek! He's not my boyfriend, he's not my friend, he's not my anything!

    Yumi: Yeah? Well, it's not the same thing. I'm Ulrich's girlfriend! I mean, I'm--I'm his good friend. Lisa: I dream of a guyw without guns. Don't we baf, William?

    Bart: Lisa has xister dead boyfriend! Lisa: He's not my dead boyfriend! He's a dead boy that happens to be my friend. Billy: talking to Grim She's not my girlfriend! I mean, she just happens to be a girl, who just happens to be my friend, just like I happen to be a boy, and you happen to be a skeleton. Sparky: "He's not her boyfriend. Horse: psychologist Um Do you love him? Ren: NO! Beat Ren: Anyway, it's not like that!

    Clare serves as her US counterpart in Power Rangers Mystic Forcethough unlike previous gatekeepers, she nonsensically gets to stay alive when the gate is inevitably broken. A bit different in both versions. In Magirangerher life force maintains the seal, so if she is killed, the gate will open. The wheel thing above her head while she was captive, there in both versions, was to break the protection spell that normally makes this impossible. In Mystic Forcethe title of Gatekeeper is passed down, but fully sealing the gate killed Clare's mother, so it's said that opening it will kill Clare.

    The wheel thing was designed to tap that power. She should still have died, though, and there wasn't even a Hand Wave.

    Rin, on the other hand, is in the clear, as it's not operating the gate that would kill her, but the other way around. The Keeper has great power, but having to focus that power to maintain the Traken Union has to get And I Must Scream -y after having to do it and nothing else for years and years and years, but that's not the plot point that it is in Rayearth.

    Also, like Rayearth, there are sister those who want to take the sistee despite knowing this. In Supernatural bad get Lilith, the devil's right-hand man -- er, woman, I mean, demon -- who is the final seal holding Lucifer in his cell. Once she's dead, he's free to bring the apocalypse. Interestingly, there's a completely separate male character serving as the Apocalypse Maiden.

    They travel to the past, laying destruction there, but the existence of Singularity Points the Kamen Riders prevent any permanent changes.

    The Big Bad then figures out that a special Singularity Point, called the "Junction Point", is the one keeping trope timeline stable, and that the Imagins' victory will only be ensured by destroying the Junction Point. Mythology For crimes against the Olympians, Atlas, one of the Titans trope Greek myth, had to carry the heavens not the Earth itself, but the sky above it for all eternity.

    He was ultimately turned to stone by Perseus for being a Jerkass to him on his way back; whether or not he was still aware is up for debate. But then Perseus was one of Hercules's ancestors. An example from the Christian martyrology: the unnamed Princess from Saint George guys Cappadocia's legend, [ context?

    Tabletop Games Ashling from Lorwyn was supposed to be one of these, bringing the flamekin's fire through the transition to Shadowmoor. She didn't go along with the idea. Exalted :. The bad guys do all they can to find the guys Princesses so they can fully take over.

    On a bigger scale, the Princesses' hearts of pure light repel darkness and keep all the worlds in the Realm of Light safe just by being there. Bastila Shan in Knights of the Old Republicthough this is guys to her incredible skill with battle meditation and her telepathic link with a former Dark Lord of the Sithso she is much more of an Action Girl than most Barrier Maidens.

    This is played to particularly devastating effect in Sword of Mana dating, the remake of the first game, in bad the female protagonist plays this role. It's particularly devastating in Sumo's route since she's also the Love Interest of the main character there. In the Touhou games, the main character Reimu Hakurei maintains the barrier between Gensokyou a sealed-off Fantasy Kitchen Sink and the rest of the world.

    She's also very lazybut she has a lot of innate power. Princess Zelda also takes on bad role voluntarily in Datnig Legend of Zelda Twilight Princessfirst when she surrenders to the Twilight King Zant in order to save her people from being massacredand again sister when she transfers her powers into Sister, to stop the imp from dying, and appears to die herself in the process.

    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword does it again with Trope, revealed to be the mortal reincarnation of the goddess Hylia. After you beat the sixth dungeon and meet up dating her in the past, she reveals her siser and puts herself to sleep in the Sealed Temple to keep the seal on Demise intact. That's why if you manage to let The Imprisoned reach the temple even once Likewise, Dragon Quest VIII featured seven descendants of the ancient seven sages who sealed Rhapthorne in the Godbird Sceptre, and who Rhapthorne dating to kill using others as pawns to restore his corporeal form.

    Example subpages:

    The fate of these ssister is obvious. In Skyrim the Thalmor have made worshipping Talos illegal. Princess Peach in the original Super Mario Bros. The Barrier Maiden thing was abandoned for a while, with Bowser's Motives changing from pure conquest to trying to win Peach's affection.

    A possible way to shake things up a bit is to give the damsel something to do besides stand around Damsel out of Distress will put up a fight, which can either help or make things Defiant Captive damsel will snarl and rage where her meeker sister would scream. There are even subversions in the line of Play-Along Prisoner: the Decoy Damsel . If she goes to the Circle instead of dying or joining the Grey Wardens, this trope remains in effect even after Act 1. Sheva Alomar of Resident Evil 5 is described as the "little sister" of her BSAA squad by her C.O. and mentor, being the youngest and greenest member. Of course, Chris Redfield is told of this long after she's ably demonstrated her own competence and badassery, . The bad guys do all they can to find the missing Princesses so they can fully take over. On a bigger scale, the Princesses' hearts of pure light repel darkness and keep all the worlds in the Realm of Light safe just by being there. Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII is the only person who can summon Holy and save the world.

    However, more recent games have restored her Barrier Maiden status, though in a different form each time. Bowser attempts to steal the children to take over the universe this would include Kidnapping sisteg, which would result in a few time related issues Peach is actually one of the children who escapes capture, and assists Yoshi and Baby Mario in saving the others. She avoids capture through clever use of a Birdo, and again by having Luigi crossdress as her.

    If they ever got married, the Chaos Heart would be formed and begin to destroy the world. Naturally, this is the first thing the Big Bad does in the first part of the game. Peach is so easily kidnapped Fatal Frame.

    Other examples:

    It's eventually revealed that Barrier Maidens bad used to ritually dating the Hell Mouth under the house. You find out that all hell broke loose because dating barrier maiden had only just caught sight of another man at some point before the ritual. Fatal Frame 2 : The BarrierMaidens are twin girls or twin boys. One of them is sacrificed to hell The real Squick part? The girl who is to remain alive must strangle her sister as an act of sacrifice.

    And that's just the beginning of the circle of tragedy that engulf a lot of people, including the protagonist Mio trpe her handicapped twin sister Mayu. Colette from Tales of Symphoniathe Chosen Oneintended to sacrifice herself to keep the evil of the Desians sealed away. Really suffers for it, both for the guys of performing her mission, bad well as most of the villains and even a few others treating her as a MacGuffin.

    Not to mention her mission is a complete lie told by the Desians themselves, who were never "sealed away," her actual purpose being yrope save her world by screwing over another one, and becoming a soulless vessel for the Big Bad 's dead sister. Richea Spodune of Tales of Hearts is the non-sacrificial version, and a double serving.

    First, she's the only thing holding The Heartless in check. When she's temporarily incapacitated, the Zerom and their symptomatic Despir Sickness return to the world like a sledgehammer. Second, the Big Bad requires her power sister activate the Space Whale to go release a world-eating monster he has a reason, trust me.

    Her elder sister is also one, having fused trope to said monster to seal it away in the first place. Yet another variant example is a massive Power Crystal powering a barrier protecting the sister of Norquin. The maiden here is dead, but it's said that her will to protect the village remains in the Psistone and powers guys barrier. Furiae in Drakengard. His Heroic Sacrifice makes the seal permanent. He was not only just holding back Nyx, but also Erebus, who is the Anthropomorphic Personification of humanity's anguish and wishes for death.

    If Erebus and Nyx made contact, then the world would end. The protagonist becomes a wall sealed in stone and stuck to it, no lessdestined to stand between the two cosmic horrors forever, or at least until humanity as a whole is changed and stops tuys wishing for death.

    This could mean that he's there to stay but his former companions resolve to do what they can to change the world. Considering three of them could live indefinitely - Aigis being a robot, and Elizabeth being The PSP portable version adds a female protagonist.

    Despite sistr she and the male MC aren't exactly the same characterization-wise, she fulfills the same role in-story -- and it includes becoming the local Barrier Maiden, too. And here we have three possible companions that could potentially survive until the day she's released: Aigis, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth's younger brother Theodore.

    She survives her ordeal thanks to Kyo, Chizuru and Iori, trope. As an Expy suster the already mentioned Saori Kido, this is expected.

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