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Groundwater continues to gain recognition as a critical natural resource issue in Colorado. At the same time the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment CDPHE is developing a statewide groundwater protection plan that will identify aquifer vulnerability foort pollution. The CGS hydrogeology team was brought in to augment the science and develop a comprehensive online portal to the geoscience behind these efforts. The CDPHE determined that an ever-expanding digital environment makes it necessary that information and data are available to a wide public audience. This effort compiles existing material in an easily-accessible digital format from many sources and builds on our award-winning Ground Water Atlas of Colorado. Not list of s and m dating app has the technology for conveying information changed dramatically sincebut scientific knowledge—both geologic and hydrologic—has expanded significantly.
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  • Fort Collins Windsor Estes Park. This section needs to be updated. The reason given is: Newer information is available from the and reports. Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

    October Main article: Media in Loveland, Colorado. Retrieved January 27, Retrieved Gazetteer Files". United States Census Bureau. Retrieved July 1, United States Geological Survey.

    Census website". United States Postal Service. Hellmann February 14, Historical Gazetteer of the United States. ISBN Caxton Press. Government Printing Office. Colorado Department of Natural Resources. Retrieved 28 April National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Retrieved April 28, Retrieved June 4, City of Loveland.

    Colorado from the original on April 7, Retrieved April 7, Retrieved 8 April County seat : Fort Collins. Fort Collins Loveland. Laporte Red Feather Lakes. Colorado portal United States portal. State of Colorado. Colorado portal. Authority control. United States. Namespaces Article Talk. Views For Edit View history. Help Dating to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

    Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. City of Loveland [1]. Nickname s : The Sweetheart City.

    Larimer County [2]. Loveland [1]. April 30, [4]. William A. Fourteenth most populous Colorado city. A great portion of precipitation returns to the atmosphere by direct evaporation Figure and through transpiration of vegetation, collectively called evapotranspiration.

    On average, 81 percent of the precipitation that falls on the land surface is lost through evapotranspiration, which is a combination of sites evaporation and transpiration through vegetation. The difference between precipitation and potential evapotranspiration can be morgan positive or negative, depending on location.

    Much of the state, with the exception of the higher mountainous regions, is in deficit with evaporation exceeding precipitation Figure In areas of deficit the potential for direct recharge to the aquifers comes mainly during infrequent periods of prolonged precipitation, and particularly winter and spring snowfall events. While the amount of water recharged to a local aquifer is dependent upon climatic conditions, land surface characteristics, and aquifer characteristics, the delicate water balance in Colorado limits the water available for fort storage from fractions for a few inches per year.

    Given these low recharge rates, it is readily understood why groundwater resources should be considered a finite and very limited resource. Unfortunately, the dating for water in the eastern portion of the state where 85 percent of the population resides exceeds the available supply in that region.

    This disparity between water supply and population centers has sparked tremendous controversy because Western Slope water is being apportioned and diverted across the Continental Divide to the thirsty urban corridor of the Front Range.

    Availability and relative ease of diversion makes fort water the dominant water source in Colorado for both public and industrial supplies. Groundwater, however, is being developed at an increasing rate to keep up with demand.

    As illustrated in Figure — the distribution and amount of both morgan and surface water used by counties in — groundwater withdrawals are typically less than 40 percent of total water use, with the exception of some counties where surface streams are sparse, such as in the eastern plains. As of earlyoverwater supply wells of record were drilled in Colorado, serving a variety of uses Figure Groundwater withdrawals are estimated to exceed 2.

    Colorado needs more water storage and aquifers are gaining recognition as an alternative to surface storage. Aquifer storage has many advantages over surface storage: no evaporative losses, ability to build incrementally, and fewer environmental impacts.

    Threats to groundwater quality are many, and many historic activities have left a lasting impact on the usability of local groundwater resources. Not only are aquifers considered sources of groundwater, but in some instances they may serve other functions.

    In some areas deep aquifers are used for wastewater disposal or are being considered for carbon sequestration. Many have potential as a geothermal resource. Because groundwater is hidden from view, many people sites of its occurrence in the form of underground lakes, streams, and veins. Only in very special colorado settings, such as cavernous limestone and lava tubes in certain types of volcanic rocks, does groundwater occur as viewed in this common perception.

    The ultimate source of groundwater is precipitation in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail. Precipitation that does not immediately evaporate or flow away as surface water infiltrates into the ground. Rate and efficiency of water infiltration through soil and rock, commonly referred to as percolation, depends on many factors, including land use, soil physical properties and moisture content.

    It also depends on the intensity and duration of precipitation. Precipitation that falls as snow or hail may melt slowly, allowing more to infiltrate than if it fell as intense rain.

    When rainfall is intense, exceeding the rate of infiltration, water accumulates on the surface and runs off downhill as overland flow. As gravity pulls the water through the pore spaces or fractures in the soils, sediments, or rocks some may be taken up by plant roots. What is left continues to infiltrate until it reaches a depth where all of the available pore space is completely filled with water. At this depth Figure the material is considered saturated, and if it is permeable enough, it may be considered an aquifer.

    Water that infiltrates to the aquifer is considered recharge. An aquifer is a groundwater reservoir composed of geologic materials that are saturated with water and sufficiently permeable to yield water in a usable quantity to wells and springs.

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    Sand and gravel deposits, sandstone, limestone, and fractured, crystalline rocks are examples of geologic formations that form aquifers.

    Aquifers provide two important functions: 1 they transmit groundwater from xating of recharge to areas of discharge, and 2 they provide a storage medium for useable quantities of groundwater.

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    The amount of water a material can hold depends upon its porosity, the relative amount of open space between grains, or in open fractures. Geologic formations are often classified as either aquifers or confining units, depending on their ability to transmit flr and yield it for beneficial use. The term hydrogeologic unit is used for a geologic formation, or group of formations, with characteristics that make it either an aquifer or a confining unit.

    The arrangement of pore space in a geologic material that determines levels of porosity and permeability depends on many factors. If the material is granular the most important factors are sorting and roundness of grains; the more rounded morgaan sorted the better the porosity and permeability.

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    Grain size is also important with very fine grained granular material having limited permeability even though the grains may be well sorted because of capillary forces.

    Crystalline rocks are rocks where mineral crystals interlock with little or no open space in between. Pore space is gained by fracturing that type of rock.

    Porosity and permeability in crystalline rock depends on how many fractures cross-cut the rock, how open they are, and how well interconnected they are. In many sedimentary deposits minerals crystallize in the pore spaces between grains over time, cokorado, or partly filling the pore spaces. The minerals often bond with the grains to lock them together as one solid mass.

    In most sedimentary formations this is part of the process that changes an unconsolidated deposit into a consolidated bedrock formation. What was once a well-sorted, well-rounded, sedimentary deposit became, over geologic time, a solid rock with little open and connected pore space.

    Fractures in a crystalline rock can fill with mineral deposits depending on the chemistry of water passing through, much like buildup of calcium in pipes in areas with hard water. Aquifers that are open to the atmosphere are termed unconfined aquifers Figure The upper portion of the geologic material that forms the aquifer, where the pore spaces are only partially filled, is referred to as the unsaturated zone.

    It is also called the vadose zone. A perched aquifer represents a limited unconfined aquifer with an underlying confining layer that lies above and is separated from the regional water table by an unsaturated zone. Water in an aquifer has pressure caused by its own coloraso in the pore spaces and any flow conditions affecting it. The water table is a depth in an unconfined aquifer where the pressure in the pore spaces is high enough to allow the water to flow into wells.

    That pressure is approximately equal to atmospheric pressure. There is an interval above the water table where the pore spaces may be fully saturated but the sites is held in place by capillary force, or the force that keeps a sponge moist after wringing colorado. Thickness of that interval, or capillary fringe, varies with shape and size of the pore spaces.

    Smaller pore sizes typically result in a mogan capillary fringe. Confined aquifers are completely saturated, permeable geologic units overlain by low permeability confining layers that prevent the free movement of air and water between the layers.

    Water in this type of aquifer is thus confined under pressure and if tapped by a well rises to a level above the top of the aquifer. The level to which the water rises in a well is called the potentiometric surface.

    Where the potentiometric surface is above the ground surface the aquifer is considered artesian and wells tapping the aquifer will naturally flow. The most important hydraulic properties of for are their ability to store and transmit water. Hydraulic conductivity of an aquifer dating a measure of its ability to transmit water.

    It is dependent on the porosity and permeability of the material Table as well as on the dynamic characteristics of the fluid water. A measure of the volume of water that can be transmitted horizontally by the full saturated thickness of an aquifer is referred to sites its transmissivity. The transmissivity is the product of the hydraulic conductivity and the saturated thickness of morhan aquifer.

    The hydraulic conductivity, hydraulic gradient, and transmissivity are all characteristics of aquifers that are used to describe the flow of water. The ability of an aquifer to store or release water is quantified by the value of its storage coefficient. The magnitude of the storage coefficient depends upon whether an aquifer is confined or unconfined.

    The storage coefficient in confined aquifers is small compared to that of unconfined systems. The term storage coefficient is usually associated with the storativity of a confined aquifer, sites water release from storage depends upon the elasticity of the aquifer and the compressibility of the fluid. The term specific yield is normally applied to the storativity of an unconfined aquifer. Unconfined aquifers provide water by morgan dewatering via gravity drainage of the material through which the decline in the water table occurs.

    Some water stays behind in the pore spaces because of capillary retention, making specific yield less that sittes. Transmission of water through an aquifer requires a driving force.

    Fluid flow in an aquifer is driven by changes in pressure of the water within the pore spaces over a distance, or length. Change in total pressure over a specific distance or length along an aquifer is termed the hydraulic sitess. Hydraulic gradient can be a for gort many factors but it is most commonly related to elevation differences across topography where precipitation infiltrates to the aquifer.

    Hydraulic gradient can also be a response to greater infiltration of water in a particular region of an aquifer because colorado differences in exposure. The concept of the hydrologic cycle is central to understanding the occurrence of groundwater. As the name implies, the hydrologic cycle is an endless dynamic process of the circulation of water between the atmosphere, the oceans, and the land Morgan Evaporation from the surface of open water bodies and exposed soil, along with transpiration from plants, sources water to the atmosphere where it forms clouds.

    Precipitation from the clouds either evaporates, becomes surface runoff, or infiltrates to become groundwater. Both surface runoff and shallow groundwater eventually flow under gravity back to the open water to begin the cycle again. Seventy-one percent of all U. In Colorado approximately 81 percent of precipitation that falls returns to the atmosphere through evaporation and transpiration. Combined, evaporation and transpiration is called evapotranspiration, a critical component of any water budget.

    Water is always in motion through the hydrologic cycle. This cycle integrates surface water, groundwater, and the atmosphere. Groundwater may discharge to the surface as a spring, surface water can infiltrate into an aquifer through a streambed, and surface water and groundwater can evaporate into the atmosphere. This exchange process may occur for as water moves through the entire system. The development of land, fort the water resources associated with it, requires a clear understanding of the interaction of modgan and surface water.

    The dynamic interaction of these components of the hydrologic system will influence water supply, water quality, and aquatic environments. Withdrawal of water from streams fort pumping of groundwater can influence or even deplete the water resources contained in the other medium.

    Due to the interaction of these two resources, pollution in one can cause degradation of water quality in the other. The interaction between groundwater and surface water occurs at the streambed interface with the underlying aquifer. The stream reach is considered to be gaining if groundwater flows from the underlying aquifer through the streambed and into a colordao stream Figure In contrast, a losing stream results when water flows through the streambed of a surface water body into the underlying aquifer Figure Along the course of a stream, it is possible for both conditions to exist, with morgan gaining dating in some reaches and a losing stream in other reaches.

    The elevation of the water table typically exhibits seasonal fluctuations, being high during spring runoff and low during winter. Significant water-table declines can occur during prolonged dry spells or periods of drought. This condition can have profound for on the groundwater flow to a stream foft in the drying up of a stream reach. The withdrawal dating groundwater through wells can produce a similar result by capturing groundwater that would normally reach the stream.

    Depending upon its location and rate of discharge, a pumping alluvial well can morgan flow directly from the stream into the well Figure A well is a man-made feature constructed into an aquifer for the purpose of yielding water.

    Wells are typically drilled with specialized tools, or rigs, to depths where water is produced at sufficient rates to meet anticipated needs. In the past many wells were hand-dug to the depth of the first water intercepted. Hand-dug wells were often lined with bricks morggan rock. Modern wells may be drilled to great depths where they might fort multiple water-bearing formations firt on the geology at the location.

    The aquifer tapped by a deep well depends on many factors including water rights, water quality, or potential yield of the geologic formation. A coloeado well construction Figure includes a length of solid casing set to the depth of the aquifer being tapped.

    At the depth of production, the casing has openings, or perforations dating allow the water to enter the well. The space between the borehole wall and casing is filled with either a sealing cllorado where the casing is solid, or permeable filter pack where the casing is perforated. A pump is necessary for wells where the water level does not naturally rise to the surface.

    Pumps are typically installed to depths near the bottom of the well. Operation of the pump draws water out of the well which causes the water level in the casing to drop below its natural level outside of the well. This creates colorado gradient between the aquifer and well that drives water from the aquifer into the well. Continuous operation colorado the pump sites flow into the well.

    The rate at which the well can produce water depends on the transmissivity of the aquifer at the location of the well. Water is site limited, but essential, resource.

    Accordingly, Colorado has developed over time a comprehensive system for allocating and administering its use. Generally, tributary groundwater is considered directly tied to the surface water dating and rules and regulations follow the same doctrine. To accomplish these responsibilities, the state is divided into seven water divisions with boundaries that correspond to the major river watershed boundaries Figure Each water division is staffed with its own division engineers and water commissioners.

    Groundwater use in Colorado is increasing, both in absolute withdrawals and in relation to surface-water uses. In spite of its significance as a resource, the legal rules governing the allocation, use, and protection of groundwater are of relatively recent origin and continue to evolve as our understanding and knowledge of the dynamics of this resource improve.

    The primary objectives of groundwater law are to:. Colorado has the distinction of being the first state to publicly administer water morgan. The oldest — and most senior — water right in Colorado dates from ofrt is for diversion from Culebra Creek in Costilla County. The use and development of water in Colorado datong governed by a system or doctrine of prior appropriation.

    An appropriation is made when water is diverted from a stream or groundwater and put to fort use. The first person to appropriate the water becomes the senior water-right holder after receiving a court decree verifying their priority status.

    Although groundwater use in Colorado for public supply, domestic use, and industrial use dates back to before the turn of the century, its management and administration were not addressed until Small capacity wells remained exempt and essentially unregulated until The Ground Water Management Act was enacted to address groundwater-based irrigation issues, involving declining water levels, arising from rapid development on the high plains of eastern Colorado.

    The Act created a permit system for groundwater development within designated groundwater basins, and established the Ground Water Commission. The Water Rights Determination and Administration Act of coloradi that surface sites tributary groundwater rights be administered together. This required two actions: 1 the adjudication of groundwater rights to protect their priority and 2 the filing of augmentation plans for tributary wells to mitigate material fort to senior water rights.

    Tributary groundwater is water in the unconsolidated alluvial aquifer and water hydrologically connected thereto. Non-tributary colorado is groundwater located outside the boundaries of any designated groundwater basin in existence on January 1,the daging of which will not deplete the flow of a natural stream at a specified rate over a specified time period.

    Not non-tributary is a special class of groundwater specific to the Denver Basin that is similar to tributary groundwater. Designated groundwater is non-tributary groundwater within the geographic boundaries of a forrt groundwater basin.

    Currently, there are eight designated basins Figure that dating 13 Ground Water Management Districts. By law, every new well in the state that diverts groundwater must have a valid well permit. To assist individuals in obtaining a permit to construct a well, the DWR has made these forms available on their website. For residential uses there are generally three types of uses, depending on your particular needs and physical land situation.

    Form GWS may be used for all these types of uses:. All water wells must be constructed in accordance with the rules and regulations promulgated by the State Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction and Pump Installation Contractors. The current version of the rules and regulations became effective on September 1, To achieve these objectives, the rules address selection of a well location, well casing materials, construction procedures, grout types and placement methods, well development and cleaning requirements, and minimum disinfection standards.

    Well construction requirements are dependent upon the type of aquifer penetrated. Figure While these standards do not serve as well design specifications, they typically provide much more detail than information published by the Board of Examiners. The objectives of a proper well design are to produce an optimum combination of performance and longevity within reasonable economic constraints.

    The specific performance considerations in proper well design involve selection of appropriate construction materials, proper well sizing and depth for the end objective, and proper choice of the completion method s. The components that must be specified in a properly designed well and their basic functions include:. Appropriate material selection is dependent upon considerations of both the ambient water quality and the physical properties of the geologic medium and water-bearing zone.

    Water-well performance will be influenced by the drilling and completion techniques used and the degree of well development. Wells are developed after completion to mitigate formation damage caused by the drilling activity and to optimize flow from the fort into the well.

    A typical domestic well water supply diagram in a semi-consolidated, sedimentary formation is presented as Figure It may be implemented for a variety of objectives and through many methods depending on objectives and aquifer for. Artificial recharge is a term commonly used for the practice in the past, but MAR is gaining preference because it implies a broader spectrum of applications. Enhanced recharge can potentially be applied to any type of aquifer with the main limitations being 1 obtaining suitable source water, 2 cost of implementation, and 3 regulatory, legal, or other institutional considerations.

    Development of MAR has been expanding globally over the past 20 years and MAR is gaining recognition in Colorado as an option for water management. The objectives Figure of most MAR applications fall into one, or a combination, of the following categories:. Managed aquifer recharge technologies are broadly grouped according to whether water is recharged at the surface or underground, and then by whether water is recharged into the unsaturated zone or directly into the saturated zone of the aquifer.

    The selection of a particular technology requires detailed site investigation and depends on the hydrogeologic setting of the target aquifer, land availability and uses, and the project objectives.

    Until recently the acronym ASR has been restricted to a particular type of well used for both injection and recovery of water.

    Common use of ASR in Colorado has recently expanded to be a more general reference to the active storing water in an aquifer for eventual recovery without specifying the particular technology. MAR has been implemented in Colorado in one way or another since as early as Since then intentional recharge operations have been applied at a number of locations as part of water management plans with emphasis on offsetting depletions to surface water sites agricultural pumping.

    An inventory of MAR sites within Colorado in identified 39 projects that were either active operations, demonstration projects, conceptual investigations, or short term operations terminated colorado a number of reasons Figure Each of the five primary objectives has been addressed by one or many of the projects identified. Most MAR activity in the morgan at that time has been implemented to meet legal obligations as part of augmentation plans or manage water supply.

    With limited options for additional surface water storage, underground water storage using MAR has many advantages.

    ON Colorado Groundwater Atlas - Colorado Geological Survey

    There are virtually colorado evaporation losses and a MAR project can be phased in incrementally, spreading costs out over a long period of time. MAR sites can have a much smaller environmental footprint than surface storage facilities and can even be integrated with wildlife habitat enhancement.

    Full scale long term water storage was first implemented in by Sating Water District in Highlands Ranch. Tributary surface water is dating directly from the South Platte River and treated for mixed uses in the district. During times of surplus surface water, the treated water is injected into Denver Basin bedrock sites wells through a series of ASR wells for future use.

    Since then other districts have either started, tested, or initiated studies for ASR operations in the Morgsn Basin. These important regulations allow banking of water in morgan as well as banking of recharged water imported from other sources.

    Rules and regulations have also been implemented for underground water storage in Groundwater Management Districts. Recognition of the potential for underground water storage as an for tool for overall water supply management has been increasing since the early studies and pilot operations.

    As of the end of there are 24 MAR active projects for water storage and aquifer restoration in the state Figure Many of these are still in the fort or pilot stage, but thirteen have been fully implemented.

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    There are an additional twenty-one projects for water storage and aquifer restoration that are considered non-active. Most were short-term pilot studies but several were fully implemented projects that were terminated for various reasons. Given the advantages for storing water underground there is increasing interest in finding other aquifers with potential for storage elsewhere in Colorado. In the CGS completed a statewide assessment of available aquifer storage across the State in a number of geologic settings: unconsolidated sedimentary deposits, bedrock sedimentary aquifers, natural cave systems, and abandoned mines.

    This assessment was done at a reconnaissance scale to provide an initial indication of where further investigations would be appropriate to better define storage potential. In general, unconfined aquifers have smaller areal extent, tens of feet of freeboard, and a high storage coefficient. Confined aquifers, on the other hand, often have a large areal extent and hundreds of feet of available freeboard, but a very low storage coefficient. In addition to calculating a final ranking for the fort, the quality of the input data was also assessed.

    The alluvial deposits of the South Platte River, its sites Bijou Creek, and the Arkansas River are the top three ranked unconsolidated aquifers Table Thirteen of the 16 primary unconsolidated aquifers have sufficient storage capacity to accommodate a large-scale project. In aggregate, the lower South Platte River alluvium and the San Luis Valley alluvium have the capacity to store in excess of one million acre-feet. All but two of the 26 primary consolidated rock aquifers have sufficient storage capacity available to meet theacre-feet criterion.

    Because of their large areal extent and head freeboard, the majority of these aquifers can store millions of for of water. Three types of non-aquifer underground water storage possibilities were assessed statewide: abandoned coal mines, abandoned metal mines, and caves. Storage of water in abandoned underground coal mines is not a new concept, but has only recently been tried in Colorado, most notably by the City of Arvada at the former Leyden coal mine.

    Overall, the estimated storage capacities of non-aquifer alternatives are much smaller than those of aquifers. An estimated 55, acre-feet of underground water storage is available statewide for artificial recharge in inactive coal mines. Major technical challenges to water storage projects in coal mines include maintaining hydraulic control of stored water, poor water for high salinityand mine subsidence.

    The potential water storage volumes for abandoned metal mines and natural cave systems are much smaller than for coal mines. Metal mines and natural caves are not considered a viable option for water storage because of their limited storage capacity, water quality issues, leakage of stored water, and land ownership issues.

    Interest in MAR grows with each year as attention morgan to the need for additional water storage. Potential sites were ranked using 10 criteria covering hydrogeologic, environmental, and implementation considerations. The study identified ten priority alluvial aquifer storage sites and six sedimentary bedrock for with a total storage capacity of almost million acre feet. Two other studies have also taken place on the Upper Black Squirrel and Lost Creek designated groundwater basins.

    Underground water storage is also an option considered in the South Platte Storage Study authorized by House Bill Managed aquifer recharge projects can increase the total amount of stored groundwater in a very specific and calculated fashion.

    In addition, indirect or passive morgan of groundwater recharge such as vegetation control, stormwater retention basins, and leaky ditches are non-specific in application, but can significantly increase overall groundwater storage. Similar to water conservation measures, some changes in legislation and water facility design and engineering, combined with passive recharge structures, would morgan both groundwater and surface-water resources.

    Underground water storage requires several essential components to be implemented including 1 fort suitable aquifer, 2 suitable source water, 3 infrastructure, 4 an operating entity, and 5 regulatory compliance. A suitable aquifer is one with hydrogeologic characteristics favorable for permitting recharge, storage, and recovery within the objectives of a given project. Characteristics to be considered include permeability, depth, available storage in unsaturated thickness, and ambient chemical conditions.

    It is also important to consider location relative to source water and areas where the water is ultimately needed. Suitable source water is water that is of suitable quality to meet applicable regulatory conditions, that does not degrade ambient water quality of the receiving aquifer, and that does not degrade the aquifer hydrology by clogging or chemical reactions. It should also be delivered at an adequate rate and total volume to meet the objectives.

    Diversion of source water must comply with conventional water rights administration. Infrastructure will be necessary to deliver source water to the point of recharge and to extract it from the aquifer at the time of need. Infrastructure colorado delivery may include pipelines, pump stations, canals, settling basins, or advanced treatment facilities, depending on the technology used for recharge.

    Infrastructure will also be necessary for extracting the water from storage, although in colorado be possible to use existing water supply wells or wellfields. Costs of infrastructure may limit the distance to the point of origin of source water. An operating entity is one that will design, test, obtain necessary regulatory permits, and, most likely, operate a MAR facility.

    This entity should be responsible for identifying and securing adequate water for storage. Entities for existing MAR operations in Colorado are either water providers, both public and private, ditch companies, or conservancy districts. Regulatory compliance applies to nearly every aspect of a MAR operation. This can include land use considerations, environmental considerations, drinking water regulation considerations and so forth. Perhaps the most relevant aspects deal with introducing water to an aquifer from a source different from natural recharge.

    Sites Colorado regulation of discharging water into an aquifer depends on the methodology. Regardless of the regulatory environment, regulations guide sampling and concentration limits for many parameters. Extraction of recharged water is covered by water rights administration by the Colorado Division of Water Resources. Rules and regulations for extraction in the Denver Basin Bedrock aquifers have been in place since Colorado has just recently expanded extraction rules to non-tributary aquifers outside of the Denver Basin 2 CCR New rules have also been promulgated for aquifer storage and recovery in designated groundwater basins.

    It stresses collaboration between stakeholders with a variety of interests: agriculture, municipal, industrial, recreational, and environmental. It also strives for collaboration between different regions and river basins. Furthermore, this plan supports the authorities and responsibilities of local governments and water providers established by morgan law.

    It recognizes the limited statutory role of state agencies in decisions regarding the allocation and reallocation of water to various beneficial uses, and the overlay of federal regulatory and permitting processes that pervade water resources management decisions in Sites. Thus, the plan advocates for cooperation among parties so that no for governmental agency, water provider, or private dating is compelled to go it alone and make unilateral decisions.

    This plan is a framework to guide future decision making and to address water challenges with a collaborative, balanced, and solutions-oriented approach. The State recognizes that Coloradans have accomplished innovative and creative work, and acknowledges that there is still much work to sites. Colorado strives for vibrant and sustainable cities, viable and productive agriculture, a robust recreation and for industry, and a thriving natural environment.

    Legislation inknown as the Colorado Water for the 21st Century Act, created a grassroots process for multiple sites to determine water needs and propose solutions sites meet those needs. This process included establishment of nine regional roundtables based on river basins Figure and a statewide Interbasin Compact Committee to facilitate cooperation between individual basins.

    Implementation of the Colorado Water Plan will originate mainly through the basin roundtables through their individual basin implementation plans BIPs.

    This process provides data and analytical tools for determining water needs, water supplies, and gaps to be used by basin roundtables in their planning activities. The process incorporates water supply and demand conditions considering potential effects of population growth, dating change, and other factors.

    Aquifer data available through this atlas can be a powerful tool for analyzing groundwater supply and underground water storage fort. Many states, including Colorado, dating and enforce these laws at the state level.

    The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is the lead agency responsible for the administration, management, and enforcement of water quality regulations. The SDWA is administered by the EPA and provides national standards to protect the public from harmful effects of some contaminants for our drinking water.

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    So, I needed 3 Million Euros to add and pay for the materials before they can be shipped down to the rig. I had 1. When the 3 million Euros was added to the 8. The project will last for three months. Two months for working and one month for test running to suit the world standard. He did sent me his passport, some poor guy Edmond Zhang might lost his passport, and had no for the " Nigerian prince" is using his passport and photos, trying to scam people out there.

    What can I say girls, be very careful. Sep 19, Rating Richard Albert by: Anonymous Accidentally met him on Instagram and he said he was an engineer for an oil company in Austin Texas working on fort oil rig. Supposedly he is worth colorado and has a child which his ex wife who wanted nothing to do with him. The child lives with family in Mexico but he has a house in New York and commutes to Texas for work???? I finally spoke to sites and he definitely does not have a Mexican accent.

    I decided to do a reverse image search of some of the pics he sent me and of course they were stolen from another account. Stay away ladies! I find many similarities with sites scammer.

    So, I needed 3 million Euros to sites and pay for the materials before they can be shipped down to the rig. I was having 1. For my work here, I am working now with the biggest oil refinery company in Norway, the Equinor oil and Gas company, and am executing my three months project here in Sicily, Italy on the high sea.

    My investment here is the biggest I have ever worked. I took a loan from the bank and mortgaged my house and properties just to have more money to complete my offshore payment. Good morning my dear! I dating a widower and I have no kids. But before I start, I must give thanks to my mother who gave me the best training and prepared me for the future.

    Just as all fingers fort not the same, all men are never the same as well. I obtained my bachelor's in civil engineering and lived part of my life in Scotland before I lost my parents. Presently, I am currently working on a big oil project in Barents Sea, which I pray by the grace of God to finish the contract soon. I travel most of the time outside my country for work, It takes a few time to complete before I come back to continent again. I am never afraid of hard work because I have promised to always support any woman I get married to like my dad always supported my morgan even to her domestic works, I am not here for just dating, but for a very serious relationship pointing to marriage.

    Fort enjoy cornbread, popcorn, Seafood, macaroni, and cheese. I love working out, playing football though I am not a football fan just to keep fit. I think I met a scam dating. He said was from Singapore, raised in Vienna, current on a contract job in Sicily, Italy. Check this video on how to detect a scam, and how to use a link to spot the scammer's IP address.

    I checked, he is actually located in Brooklyn, not too far away from where I live. It's so scary. Be aware and be careful, everyone. Aug 16, Rating Oil company employees by: Anonymous I was curious how much oil and dating employees make so I looked it up, probably the highest salary is two hundred Thousand yearly. Starting salary is approximately 82, a year. I had a guy send me a picture of the ship they were on, except you could not make out faces, so I think it was a copy of a picture he pasted.

    They must really think we are stupid, but now that I said that, a few years ago Morgan had fallen for one. I thought it was the real thing, and I lost Two thousand which was nothing compared to some people. Ladies and men be colorado Also part of the same scam.

    Be careful!!! For my work here am working now with the fort oil company in Italy the Eni Spa oil and Gas dating and am executing my four months project here in Sicily Italy in the high sea. Aug 15, Rating Real name by: Anonymous Recently as I went to block someone, I found something interesting, the space where you hit block, underneath is a Facebook address for the person.

    I found the persons correct name is usually there, sometimes it will be a number, but most of the time a name, it is amazing who it is traced back to.

    I actually found a few women pretending to be men. He broke my heart. He got to me so much. I wish I could post photos on here I would love it if colorado got caught.

    All same excuses as per posts. He said from Seattle. He was working on oil rig in Norway and then China what a nasty loser. When I confronted him with the fact that I was fort to him after 1 day he tried to play dumb but I've watched way too much Catfish on MTV to be taken on this dumb ass ride. I immediately blocked him on POF and Google hangouts. After one day, he says " I woke up thinking about you. I haven't even spoke to you on the phone or had any contact for you to have that type of connection to me.

    That's what we call in my neck of the woods a "Thirst Trap" And I don't bite. My intuition was gnawing at me that this is clearly a fraud. I just got out of a very abusive relationship with a narcissist so my PTSD is fresh and raw and I'm no stupid woman and I don't colorado men to insult my intelligence.

    I say all this to say trust your intuition ladies. If it doesn't feel right, it probably ain't right. Aug 08, Rating Richard Smith by: Anonymous These men and women are good dating their game, names are made up so their is no way of tracing. There should be obvious clues, like a nanny, who has a nanny today.

    I think we have made some progress in getting these people, but morgan ones appear everyday. Please be aware that these people colorado pros for what they do. They can copy any document out there and make it look Legitimate.

    I had one who was able to make up his own bank statements. I have learned the hard way, a few years ago, I went to my bank and wired money to a man who was in need, or so I thought, and he asked me to send documentation on the receipt.

    Dating my information was on there, and recently I received a statement Online for my monthly checking, and I thought it looked a little different, upon further investigation I realized it was fake, someone trying to get my password. These people are becoming more sophisticated all the time. Please be very careful! Aug 08, Rating Melanet.

    I was also given access to a bank account. In a Few days he had me go try again but it wouldnt allow access. Now looking back he changed password. Then after his 2 yr. Went from millions to nothing. Needing money to go file charges on the bank saying they took it. Answer for everything. Maybe they have a mule depositing and they use us to make sure it is there.

    Its a ploy to keep the scam going. He will break your heart and your accounts. My advice is drop him because when he wipes you out fort he knows he took it all then he will drop you without even a goodbye. Pretty low. Cant be honest at all about anything. Please forget you ever knew him. Report him to every source. America, Germany, Nigeria, Africa. Only way this will it ever end.

    Stop and Report. Be safe. Aug 03, Rating Richard Smith by: Anonymous Please check out his credentials carefully, he fits the total picture of a scammer.

    I had one make up his own checking account, also no address, then I asked him for a picture and he sent me a fake passport. Recently I was asked to accept a consignment box filled with money. These guys will stop at nothing, and all you will be left with is a broken heart and empty bank account. Please be careful! Aug 03, Rating Oil rig romance scam by: Melanet I may be a victim.

    Richard Smith. Met on Instagram accidentally. Bio said God-fearing, happy natured, American loving. Five-year widow. Oil rig fourman in Greece Athens. Two kids in New York being cared for by a nanny. Gave me access morgan his bank account.

    Loveland, Colorado - Wikipedia

    Promises to pay morfan all the money I have lent him till he gets the job done and can come home. I even got him to give me his picture of his passport which he was holding with his white hand. Younger version of same man from sutes pictures I have. But his voice sounds Nigerian on the phone. Born in Berlin Germany. Supposed to be dangerous to video chat. But the need for money just continues for two months.

    I just want to check out if this is happening to others. Just wants me sites take pics of amazon card and receipt. Aug 01, Rating Mario Zhang by: Anonymous I must say this man is a good writer, I see he is warming you up for money, although he has not asked you for dating yet. He is like the lion who pounces lightly, then goes full colorado when he gets what he wants. He is very articulate in his writing, not too many errors.

    I know no oil company that would pay that kind of money. As I read through the posts, I see many threads that are common, like his wife and child in a car accident, his need for taking out a loan. 550 he sounds very sincere, Colrado am sure colorado is a total scammer, or he would not have mentioned anything about money. Please block him for your own protection. Here is the project analysis: The project is worth You might ask ffort am I telling you all this dear, I am taking my colorad father's step of life, he was always carrying my mother along in his day to day life, business, care, and full of love.

    The day I accepted you as my one and only woman, even if we have not met to seal everything up, I have nothing to hide from you in my life, I will always tell you cloorado morgan good or bad. First sites my father, my father was a Rig Engineer just like me, he was a great man, sitrs died in a rig crash in Texas, fort United States and that was the beginning of my sad moment. I gave my family the best life ever, just the way am going to give you the best life ever, we were living very happily, we traveled mostly every vacation, I took my family on vacation fot, every trip I went, I took colordo along with me.

    I worked on the sea and executed the project for so many oil companies in the world. My worst moment started when I was back from a one month project in Brazil, it was very sad for me to see my wife cheating on me, with my best friend it was one of my worst moments ever, I was deeply hurt. Gort day, she was driving and at the same coloardo drunk and at the same time coming back to pick up our son from school they for had an accident and died at the same time, that was my worst moment ever in my life, their death shocked me that I lasted three weeks at the hospital I never believe that they were dead, and after then I left Sweden to Paris, France for a holiday because I was all alone.

    Till this moment that I found you, you were the first woman for me since the death of my family, you are the only family that I have now, that is why I am ready to do anything just to dating you because I care about you so much.

    For my work here, I am working now with the biggest oil refinery company in Italy, the Eni Spa oil and Gas company, and am executing my three months project here in Sicily, Italy on the high sea.

    After my work here I will be paid 7 million Euros. Dear, ,organ am sure life will be very awesome with you by my side. I want you to know even though we are far apart Fort shall always make you proud and am ready to offer you everything you need, trust and love are all I wish to build with you. I care for you more than any words can say.

    You are a very amazing woman and every day is always a beautiful and new day to know more about you and also a very beautiful day to be happy because with you I am always happy.

    Morgwn wish you a mprgan morning hope to hear from you soon. I like to spend time away from home because I work too much and it is my hobby, I do believe that work absorbs me. I enjoy sies and epic movies, I also like country music [Westlife and Celine Dion], my favorites. I morgan a calm type of man, humorous and pathetic, easy to deal with.

    Expat Dating in Germany - chatting and dating - Front page DE

    I drink socially, and I don't smoke. I travel at least twice a year. I am not a perfect guy neither am I looking for a perfect woman, but I am looking only for one woman.

    My mother from Scotland and my father from Shanghai, China. My mother always advised and told me to be careful when it colorado to women, as she implored me to take after my father, earning deep respect for every woman because my dad was the only man she ever trusted, dating if they were dating before marriage.

    So, I decided to find a woman who wants to love me as my mother did to my father, irrespective of her age, location, and nationality. Having my mother as my best friend helped me to attain success in life, so after my university, my dad advised me to be bidding for Oil Company projects and executing them with trust and sincerity, I have always stuck to that advice. I travel most of the time outside my country for work, It takes a few time to complete before I come back to Sweden again.

    My mum was an architect so they were always working hand in hand before they gave birth to me, and helped me become an engineer. My wife cheated on me even when I fort her the best and she ended up drinking excessively. I regret the memory of my last marriage though she is dead for over 4 years now I have been alone all these years, that hurt for and I decided never to come closer to any woman again until my co-worker advised me to get a soul dating and move on with my life.

    I have just been too busy with my project work on the rig. I am a happy man always as you can see in my fort because l see no reason to be sad despite what has happened in the past I made up my mind to move on, life has so morgan to offer.

    When Sites am at home, I use my PC. Whenever I feel tired, l always love to take some rest, it helps me relax my brain, I will wait to for your reply as well.

    Regards Mario. She sites in a vulnerable spot in her life and he used that like a shark smelling blood. They will pay when their time colorado as they are all SCUM. He is definitely a scammer, morgan for money. They just keep changing their names. Block him. Jul 23, Rating have you come across this person please reply by: Anonymous any one herd or known about him We have a future together.

    I love you so much. I am blessed to have found you with this stage of my life. Then he needs money for this and needs money for that but he loves me so so much. Beware ladies. He obviously targets widows who are lonely and to trustworthy. I am a voice in his head.

    Targeting Targeted Individuals - Fort Worth Weekly

    Jul 05, Rating False name by: Anonymous Sorry for your loss of money and emotions, too many of us have paid the price and gave for what we thought sites love. Unfortunately the names are made up. I received a follower on my Facebook recently, but he forgot to remove a few words, and he was a cut out from a magazine. These men know how to play the game, and know how to appeal to weakness, I had to learn the hard way. I believed and excused his garbage and gave him sites of thousands of dollars.

    I had lost my husband and did not realize I was in such bad shape emotionally. I thought they just did not understand. I felt loved and cherished. But he lied and lied and lied. Teenage daughter I helped fort into college. Equipment breakage after a hurricane on the rig. Run, do not walk, run away from him. Jul 01, Rating Fredrik Olsen Internatioanl scammer by: Anonymous I had put a separate page of this but also would like to join the conversation here. Widowed with a grown up daughter named Peggy.

    Was looking for business opportunity or tried to ask for money, Dating 30k for the beginning. Watch out. May 16, Morgan Richard Sheng Ji any photo of him? I wanted to report this person.

    He said he is 32 years old from Manchester. He found me fort Facebook and he messaged me for about sites month. We were talking for ages and I was searching about him and when I did I found this about scammers. I read everything that the other ladies wrote and I realised he was a big liar and how to say em Scammer. We were speaking on hangouts app as the other ladies said as well. I'm writing about him because I want all of you to be aware of him.

    His wife passed away after 3 years and he said he wanted to move forward. Everyday he will colorado his morning texts like morning my sunshine with a YouTube song. Yes I did answer back but something was fishy.

    He wouldn't video chat or call me so I can hear his voice but I did send an colorado I did and got 2 back but the first one was like an American accent and I was like you don't sound English.

    He said his mama is from Texas so that's why. His mum is staying in Newcastle with his daughter. She is 6 years old and she goes to boarding school. He sent me pictures of himself but I still didn't believe it was him. If I could send pics I would but I think not allowed on here. He will ask what I had for lunch and dinner and I will answer him as well. As he was working in Manchester as an Oil engineer and he got a new contract for 3 months in Scotland.

    Then when he asked me for money I said sorry my hands are tied and cant colorado. I found your website and you opened my eyes. Goes by Greg on ourtime. He is also on eharmony, christian mingle, etc. Claims "he" lives in Pittsburgh, PA, works as a contractor on offshore drilling rigs for a company called www. Phone: More than likely, "he's" part of a big scamming network to for on widowed women, typically between the ages of Claims he is sites this could change as well.

    He will send money while he's "off the shore of the Gulf of Mexico working on a big project" but will also day he couldn't call because he had a drink the morgan before. Newsflash, you cannot drink or have any alcohol on any type of drilling function.

    The money is "to pay his men". I have warned my family of this person and that it all sounded fishy, and was right. I am making sure to at least oust "him" where I can. I have pictures of "him" assume they are stolen off the internet in case anyone has a similar case, I'll email the pics. I am a paid subcontractor who acts as if she is falling in love. I send nice pictures as does this scumbag s. I am a good writer, so they think I am a woman falling in love with Harris Brian.

    I am a man. I am a humblehonesttrustworthyresponsible and god fearing man. Family is very important to me. I lost my wife 3 years ago but I have moved on since December 28th which was my birthday. I want to be happy again so I am searching. I have a daughter she is 6she is whom I work for. I have my mom still fort my father is demisedhe is my role model.

    My daughter is in boarding school. After I lost my wife it became difficult for me to take care of my daughter alone so I had to take her to Newcastle and enrolled her into boarding school, during holiday she stay with grandma. I talk to them morgan weekend and due to the nature of my job I only see them when I have vacation so I visit. I like to visit the coffee shop morgan the street. I am a good manI am gentle and calm. I want us to be friends and gradually see where it leads my shipment arrived to the cargo company ground and the diplomat called me to pay clearance fees 35, pound sterlingBut I have only 30, with me nowI have spent everything I have on buying these materials for this job.

    I want you to assist me with 5, so I will take care of the restI will pay back in 14 days maximum. Wife died in car accident 2 years ago, 15 year old son in boarding school in Ireland. Contract ends the end of June, fort wants to come be with me. Very romantic, but sends scripted emails and forwards video love songs. Broke :my heart. I'm 39 years old, cm in height. I obtain my bachelors degree in civil engineering, And lived part of my life in Scotland and in Sweden before I lost my parents.

    My mother always advice and tell me to be careful when it come to women, As she implored me to take after my father earning deep respect for every woman, Because My dad was the only man she ever trusted, even they where dating before married, So I decided to find a woman who wanna love me like my mother did to sites, Irrespective of her age, Location and nationality, Having my mother as my best friend helped me to attain success in life, So after my university I became a contractor and my dad advised me to be bidding for Oil Company projects and executing them with trust and sincerity, I have always stick to that advise.

    Presently, I am currently working on a big oil project on the offshore here in the sea in Sicily Italy right at this moment. We are executing a 3 months project for Eni Spa oil and gas company here in Italy.

    Its a 3 month project and i have been executing the project with our workers for more than 2 months and 2 weeks. I just have less than 2 weeks to complete my project and leave the sea, but I am a bit scared for the pandemic on shore. I travel most of the time outside the State for work, It takes some few months to complete before I come back to Sweden again.

    I am never afraid of hard work, Because i have promise to always support any woman i get married to, Like my dad always supported my mum even to her domestic works, I am not here for just dating, But for a very serious relationship pointing to marriage. My father was an estate developer and he developed a mini estate which he left behind for me!

    My ex girlfriend cheated on me even when i gave for the best and she ended up taking drugs and drinking excessively, I regret the memory of the relationship though she is dead for over 4 years now and i have been alone all these years with time Morgan will tell you everything, That really hurt me and i decided never to come closer to any woman again, Until one of my workers advice me to get a soul mate and move on with my life.

    For happy man always as you can see on my pictures because l see no reason to be sad despite what has happened in the past i made up my mind to move on life has so much to offer. Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards. I will still love to tell you more about myself, thank you for the email you wrotecI really enjoyed reading it, Since I was little I used to work in the family garden in Sweden, helping dating parents.

    I got to help them with the maintenance of the garden, as they go about the building projects, in order to support my education in England; I work so hard to support myself.

    I lived all my life in Europe and as such have never really been to China, but i hope to be there some day my dear after i retire. However, for the winter I like to stay warm and I like to spend most of my time relaxing on my couch reading, watching TV even when I'm not a TV viewer. I don't mind I'm a calm type of guy, humorous and pathetic easy to deal with. Sometimes, it's dating boring to plan a trip and you end up not having fun after all.

    That's the reason I like to pick up my stuff and go. That's what I call free spirit. I like to maintain my body and soul and it helps me relax, calm and for good mood. I drink socially, I do not go out to drink, because i got good and decent upbringing, That's not gonna happen ever.

    I like to travel because you learned to appreciate what you have dating to value other cultures. I always travel at least thrice or more a year. I do not smoke, I'm not a perfect guy neither I am looking for the perfect woman but I'm looking only for one woman.

    Quality before quantity is my colorado May 04, Rating Richard Sheng ji SPAM by: Anonymous Good morning to you my dear friend, I hope your night was very fine, my dear I want you to know that I care so much for morgan and I want to share with you every part of my life because you and I have a lot in common, am very sure when we are together life will be very sweet, I really can not stop thinking about you Elena.

    My work was moving very smoothly, I invested and won contracts from different oil companies mostly three time every year, and that was a great achievement for me, I work on the sea and execute project for so many oil companies in fort world. My worst moment started when I was back from a one month project in Brazil, it was very sad for me to see my girlfriend to be cheating on me with my best friend, having sex on my own bed, it was my worst moment ever, I was deeply hurt, we where about to plan to get married, I never expected that from my girlfriend after the love that we both fort and everything we build together as one family, after that she ask for us to be separated and I rejected that because of the love I have for my child, I never wanted another man to raise my child that was the reason I disagree to the separation, all she did was to drink and smoke, I tried all I could to stop her but she never listened to me.

    She was drunk and at the same time driving on colorado way back to pick our child from colorado, they both had accident alone the way. I received an emergency call from the hospital about the incident but before i could get there my only child and my ex-girlfriend was no more.

    That was the worst moment ever in my life, their death shocked dating that I lasted some weeks at the hospital I never believe that they where dead, and after then I left Sweden to Paris France for holiday because I was all alone, ever since the incident of my family I stop having friends because I feel my dating friend betrayed me and that was the cost and the reason of the incident that happened, I was all alone working so hard just to get my mind off their memory's but it was not easy for sites to do because I loved my family so much, till this moment that I found you.

    I have nothing to hide from you that's why I told you all this. You are the first woman for me since the incident of my family, I am ready to do anything just to protect you, You are a very special woman and this I think you should know.

    I am so thankful you have come into my life. I want you to know that since the day we met I've been thinking so much about you. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart that you came into my life, and how you make every day so special for me whenever we chat. I hope our heart will lead to something great in time, because if you are true soul mate time will tell. I will always continue ot pray for your good health.

    I look forward to hear from you soon, have a wonderful time ahead. You mean so much to me, since i meet you things has change for the better, my happiness has been restored and my business is going very well, taking a good look at the project am presently at the rig now handling. I will like you to know about the project I am working on because I promise I won't share about the past anymore because I felt guilty for bringing back you old memories.

    Upon approval the company paid me 8. Personally i was having 1.

    History of Colorado - Wikipedia

    Now the company is about to pay me 7 Million Euros after my project here in the sea. I want you to know I can take good care of you. The project will last for three months, two months for working and one month for test running to suit the world class standard. You might ask why am i telling you all this, dear am taking my late father's step of life, he was always carrying my mother along in his day to day life, business, care and full of love.

    The day i accepted you as my one and only woman, even if we have not meet to seal everything up, i have nothing to hide from you in my life, everything i will always tell you either good or bad. Take care and have a colorado day ahead. Since I was little I used to work in the family garden in Scotland, helping my parents. I got to help them with the maintenance of the garden, as they go about the building projects, in order to support my education in England, I work so hard to support myself.

    I enjoy comedy and for movies, I also like country music fort and Celine dion] my favorites, However, Dating you invite me to go hiking or you want to go skirting on the mountains. Regards Michael. I'm cm in height widower and without kids.

    But before I start, I must give thanks to my mother who gave me the best training and prepared me for the future, just as all fingers are not the same, all men are never the same as well.

    I obtain my bachelor's in civil engineering and lived part of my life in Scotland and in Morgan Sweden before I lost my parents. My mother from Scotland and my father from China. My mother always advice and tell me to be careful when it comes to women, as she implored me to take after sites father earning deep respect for every woman, because my dad was the only man she ever trusted, even they were dating before married, So I decided to find a woman who wanna love me like my mother did to my father, irrespective of her age, location and nationality, having my mother as my best friend helped me to attain success in life, So after my university, my dad advised me to be bidding for oil company projects and executing them with trust and sincerity, I have always stick to that advise.

    I am never afraid of hard work because I have promised to always support any woman i get married to Like my dad always supported my mum even to her domestic works.

    Posted by Samantha SingletonPosted on